F. N. Boney

Georgia Review Archive for F. N. Boney

on The American Civil War: An English View by Field Marshal Viscount Wolseley, James A. Rawley

on The Seven Days: The Emergence of Lee by Clifford Dowdey

on Early American Views on Negro Slavery from the Letters and Papers of the Founders of the Republic by Matthew T. Mellon, Richard B. Morris

Look Away, Look Away A Distant View of Dixie

on The South and the Sectional Conflict by David M. Potter

on Adventures of Captain Simon Suggs, Late of the Tallapoosa Volunteers by Johnson Jones Hooper, C. Hugh Holman, Louis D. Rubin, Jr., Manly Wade Wellman

on Life Under the “Peculiar Institution”: Selections from the Slave Narrative Collection by Norman R. Yetman

on White Sects and Black Men in the Recent South by David Edwin Harrell, Jr.

on The Children of Pride: A True Story of Georgia and the Civil War by Robert Manon Myers

on The Image of Lincoln in the South by Michael Davis

on From Sundown To Sunup: The Making Of The Black Community (volume I Of The American Slave: A Composite Autobiography) by George P. Rawick; The Slave Community: Plantation Life In The Antebellum South by John W. Blassingame

on Roll, Jordan, Roll: The World the Slaves Made by Eugene D. Genovese

Roll, Presses, Roll: Recent Works on Black History (on Slave Testimony: Two Centuries of Letters, Speeches, Interviews, and Autobiographies by John W. Blassingame; This Species of Property: Slave Life and Culture in the Old South by Leslie Howard Owens; & They Came Before Columbus: The African Presence in Ancient America by Ivan Van Sertima)