Charles Molesworth

Georgia Review Archive for Charles Molesworth

on New Directions in Literary History by Ralph Cohen

Excursions: Selected Literary Essays by Robert Boyers

on The Situation of Poetry: Contemporary Poetry and Its Traditions by Robert Pinsky

on Robert Frost: The Work of Knowing by Richard Poirier

on Unassigned Frequencies: American Poetry in Review, 1964-77 by Laurence Lieberman; Escape from the Self: A Study in Contemporary American Poetry and Poetics by Karl Malkoff; & Modern American Lyric: Lowell, Berryman, Creeley, and Plath by Arthur Oberg

Contemporary Poetry and the Metaphors for the Poem

on 31 Letters and 13 Dreams by Richard Hugo; Houses and Travellers by W. S. Merwin; & This Body is Made of Camphor and Gopherwood by Robert Bly

on Sailing into the Unknown: Yeats, Pound, and Eliot by M. L. Rosenthal

Charles Olsen and His Forces (on A Guide to the Maximus Poems of Charles Olson by George F. Butterick; Charles Olson: Call Him Ishmael by Paul Christensen; Olson’s Push: Origin, Black Mountain and Recent American Poetry by Sherman Paul; &Charles Olson: The Scholar’s Art by Robert von Hallberg)

on The Homosexual Tradition in American Poetry by Robert K. Martin