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The Georgia Review Fall 1964

Table of Contents


Hunting in the Old South Original Narratives of the Hunters

by Clarence Gohdes

Letters from a Confederate Soldier

by Benjamin Rountree

Naturalism as a Literary Form

by Robert M. Figg, III

Of Everything the Unexplained and Irresponsible Specimen

by C. Hugh Holman

The Decline of Regionalism in Southern Fiction

by Walter Sullivan

The Strangers and the Watertank

by Marion Montgomery


by Marge Bartley


by Charles Edward Eaton

Cape Tones

by Gordon Grant

In the Game-Room

by Joanne Childers

The Harvest

by Archibald Rutledge

The People in These Houses

by Jack Matthews

The Search

by Larry Rubin

on A Tennyson Handbook by George O. Marshall

by Thomas J. Assad

on Colonial Georgia: A Study in British Imperial Policy in the Eighteenth Century by Trevor Richard Reese

by Spencer B. King, Jr.

on Darrell by Marion Montgomery

by Walter Sullivan

on The Tragic Mask: A Study Of Faulkner’s Heroes by John Lewis Longley, Jr.

by Calvin S. Brown


Fall 1964


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