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The Georgia Review Fall 1967

Table of Contents


Havilah Babcock: Virginia Carolinian

by Claude Henry Neuffer

Rose Hill Cemetery-Macon, Georgia April 26, 1866 -April 26, 1966

by Herbert F. Birdsey

Sutpen’s Garden

by H. L. Weatherby

The Legacy of John Donald Wade

by M. Thomas Inge

Trees of Legend and Lore in Historic Washington-Wilkes

by Janet Harvill Standard

Unabashed Praise of a Poet

by Patricia Reynolds Willis

William Faulkner and the Mississippi Indians

by Elmo Howell

Wolfe’s “No Door” and the Brink of Discovery

by Clayton L. Eichelberger

The Day of the Daffodils

by Madeleine Costigan

The Gar Pool

by Nicholas Constant

The Tower and the Pear Tree

by Robert Drake

When Giants Fell

by John B. Cullen

A Touch of Freedom

by Edwin Godsey

Class and Teacher

by Kenneth England

Critic’s Joyce

by Albert W. Dowling

Martial, II, vii

by Barriss Mills


by Steve Clark

The Never Failing Spring

by May Ward

on Life Without Prejudice and Other Essays by Richard Weaver, Eliseo Vivas

by George Core

Portraits of Georgia Slaves, edited by Tom Landess

by J. Ralph Jones


Fall 1967


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