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The Georgia Review Fall 1968

Table of Contents


228 Habersham Street

by Alexander A. Lawrence

A Connecticut Village Between Problems

by Frederic Nelson

Georgia’s Garden Club Home

by Thayer Sibley

Mary Ann Cobb in Confederate Athens

by Kenneth Coleman

My Grandmother Linka’s House

by Helen F. Blackshear

Realism and the Local Color Interlude

by Richard M. Weaver

The Ethics of Faculty-Administration Relationships

by W. T. Blackstone

Thoreau Takes a Pot Shot at “Carolina Sports”

by Charles R. Anderson

Whatever Became of the Prom Party?

by Susan Myrick

The Kill

by Thomas Emery

The Lord God Bird

by Carlton Cremeens

The Modern Generation

by Hans A. Popp

Georgia Tunes

by Harvey Tucker

M. L. A. S.

by George Morris Kelly


by Ron Carter


by Leon V. Driskell

Salmon Leaping

by Robert Day

The Medium

by John N. Miller

Walking North on Georgia Highway 31

by William E. Taylor

on Belief and Disbelief in American Literature by Howard Mumford

by Edward E. Ericson

on The Codebreakers: The Story of Secret Writing by David Kahn

by Calvin S. Brown

on The Equilibrist: A Study of John Crowe Ransom’s Poems, 1916-1963 by Robert Buffington

by Guy Owen

on The Falkners of Mississippi by Murry C. Falkner

by John E. Talmadge

Woodrow Wilson: Years of Trial and Decision, 1881-1885: An Essay Review (on The Papers of Woodrow Wilson, Vol. 2, 1881-1884, Vol. 3, 1884-1885 by Arthur S. Link, John Wells Davidson, David W. Hirst)

by Willard B. Gatewood, Jr.


Fall 1968


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