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The Georgia Review Fall 1971

Table of Contents


An Interview with Walker Percy

by John Carr & Walker Percy

In Defense of Flannery O’Connor’s Dragon

by Marion Montgomery

People Not Pedagogy: Education in Old Virginia

by H. Peter Pudner

The Rape of the Schoolmarm

by William J. Free

The Redneck

by F. N. Boney

The Lizard of Conques

by Stephen Goodwin

Tennessee Tundra

by D. C. Berry

on Action this Day. Working with Churchil by sir John Wheeler-Bennett

by John E. Talmadge

on Losing Battles by Eudora Welty

by Conn West

on The Apocalyptic Vision in Paradise Lost by Leland Ryken

by Calvin Huckabay

on The Melville Archetype by Martin Leonard Pops

by Milton R. Stern

on The World Upside-Down: Comedy from Jonson to Fielding by Ian Donaldson

by Harold E. Pagliaro

on Thomas Taylor the Platonist: Selected Writings by Kathleen Raine, George Mills Harper

by Rodney M. Baine

on Tyranny of Concepts: A Critique of Marxism by Gordon Leff

by L. B. Cebik


Fall 1971


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