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The Georgia Review Fall 1974

Table of Contents


Faulkner and the Uses of Biography

by David Minter

How to Read a Poem: Browning’s “Childe Roland”

by Harold Bloom

Images of Gastonia: A Revolutionary Chapter in American Social Fiction

by John M. Reilly

Randall Jarrell and the Flotations of Voice

by Frances Ferguson

The Aesthetics of Complicity

by Geoffrey H. Hartman

The Craft of Stephen Crane

by Arno Karlen

Vann Woodward’s “Tom Watson”: An Interpretation

by Edward J. Cashin

I Saw Rock City

by Candyce Barnes

The Late Miss America

by William Wiser

Biography of a Still Life

by Charles Edward Eaton

Making It

by A. R. Ammons

Many Things are Hidden by the Light; The Rock that Belongs to The Moon; & Almost

by William Stafford


by Howard Nemerov


by Jane Ellen Glasser

Something about It

by John Hollander

The Ballad of the Scarecrow

by Dabney Stuart

Winter Search

by Peter Stitt

Ten Graphics

by John Schnell

on Blue Monday by Calvin Forbes; The Spoils of August by Barbara L. Greenberg; & Water Tables by James Seay

by David Huddle

on Essays Mostly on Periodical Publishing in America: A Collection in Honor of Clarence Gohdes by James Woodress

by Claud B. Green

on Stephen Crane: A Critical Bibliography by R. W. Stallman

by George Monteiro

on The Comic Imagination in American Literature by Louis D. Rubin, Jr.

by Louis Hasley

on The Sovereign Wayfarer: Walker Percy’s Diagnosis of the Malaise by Martin Luschei

by Paul L. Gaston


Fall 1974


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