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The Georgia Review Fall 1978

Table of Contents


Escape from Fiction: Literature and Didacticism

by Irving Massey

From Transcendence to Obsolescence: A Route Map

by Harold Fromm

Hope and Myth in a World of Scarcity

by Frederick Ferré

Random Thoughts on Southern Literature, Southern Politics, and the American Future

by Walker Percy

Some Recent Pentecostal Revivals: A Report in Words and Photographs

by Jeff Todd Titon

The Problem of Poe

by Kenneth Dauber

Doing This, Saying That, To Applause

by Mary Hood


by Judith Hoover

An Evening When the Full Moon Rose as the Sun Set & Walking Where the Plows Have Been Turning

by Robert Bly

And So It Begins Again

by Edward Hirsch


by Peter Cooley

John Singleton Mosby (1833-1916)

by Tom Johnson

Letter: A Family Man Explains His Adultery

by Philip Dacey


by Christine Zawadiwsky

Moving Out

by Robley Wilson Jr.

Moving Still

by Rachel Hadas

Playing in the Mines

by Jay Parini

Robert Schumann, or: Musical Genius Begins with Affliction

by Rita Dove

Thanksgiving, Growing Older

by William Doreski

The Curious Cold & Animation and Ego

by Jody Swilky

The Embroidery

by Victor M. Depta


by H. L. Van Brunt

Waking to Music

by David Ray

What You Already Know

by Dennis Trudell

on 31 Letters and 13 Dreams by Richard Hugo; Houses and Travellers by W. S. Merwin; & This Body is Made of Camphor and Gopherwood by Robert Bly

by Charles Molesworth

on Die Salzburger Emigration in Bildern [the Salzburger Emigration In Pictures]: Schriften Des Nordostdeutschen Kulturwerks e. V. by Angelika Marsch

by Lothar L. Tresp

on Fact and Fiction: The New Journalism and the Nonfiction Novel by John Hollowell

by Martin Kirby

on Reflexivity in Tristram Shandy: An Essay in Phenomenological Criticism by James E. Swearingen

by Gary Lee Stonum

on Selected Letters of Conrad Aiken by Joseph Killorin

by Calvin S. Brown

on The Difference between Night and Day by Bin Ramke; Palm Reading in Winter by Ira Sadoff; Alive and Taking Names by Colette Inez; & To a Blossoming Pear Tree by James Wright

by Peter Stitt

Photography as Myth / Photography as History (on On Photography by Susan Sontag; & Time in a Frame: Photography and the Nineteenth-century Mind by Alan Thomas)

by James Guimond

Seeing Georgia Double (on Georgia: A Bicentennial History by Harold H. Martin; & A History of Georgia by Kenneth Coleman, Numan V. Bartley, William F. Holmes, F. N. Boney, Phinizy Spalding, Charles E. Wynes)

by Robert C. McMath, Jr.

The Critical Rule of Thumb (on Charles Dickens: His Tragedy and Triumph by Edgar Johnson; Dickens of London by Wolf Mankowitz; Dickens on the Romantic Side of Familiar Things by Robert Newsom; & Allegory in Dickens by Jane Vogel)

by Samuel F. Pickering, Jr.


Fall 1978


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