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The Georgia Review Fall 1979

Table of Contents


from The Death of Love: A Satanic Essay in Möbius Form

by Richard Vine

Noburo Fujiwara, Haiku Poet

by Lucien Stryk

Romance Without Women: The Sterile Fiction of the American West

by Madelon E. Heatherington

Self-Consciousness and the Modernist Temper

by James Sloan Allen

The Child in the Street

by Rustom Bharucha

A Portrait of Elmer

by William Faulkner & Joseph Blotner

The Editor of A

by Barry Targan

The Last Abandonment

by Jack Matthews

A Harvest

by Mark Vinz

A Man’s Vocation Is Nobody’s Business

by James Galvin

Another October in Prison

by D. L. Klauck

Light Sips on Nothingness

by Jack Myers

Mater Dolorosa

by Bin Ramke

Physical Pleasures

by Debora Greger

The Fourth Dimension

by Leonard Nathan

The General Mule Poems: A Selection

by Wayne Dodd

The Purple Light

by Ron Slate

The Sense of Sin

by Alison Golembiewski

The Three Towns

by Howard Nemerov

The Wish to Be Picked Clean

by Larry Levis

The Woman Who Is Like a Pepper & Lewis Hine’s Photographs of the Empire State

by David Ray

Documenting the Deep South: William E. Wilson, Photographer

by Dennis O'Kain

“Delmore, Delmore” (on Delmore Schwartz: The Life of an American Poet by James Atlas; & Last and Lost Poems of Delmore Schwartz by Robert Phillips)

by Jerome Mazzaro

Knowledge, Belief, and Bubblegum (on Endurance: AN Antarctic Idyll and Going Under by Donald Finkel; A Circus Of Needs by Stephen Dunn; Standing Watch by Christopher Bursk; Who Shall Be the Sun? by David Wagoner; & Mirabell: Books of Number by James Merrill)

by Peter Stitt

Lionizing the Pussycat (on The Poetry of John Berryman by Gary Q. Arpin; & John Berryman: An Introduction to the Poetry by Joel Conarroe)

by Kathe Davis Finney

on A History of Building Types by Nikolaus Pevsner; Piranesi: Etchings and Drawings by Roseline Bacou; & Piranesi by Jonathan Scott

by Ronald Paulson

on A Recognizable Image: William Carlos Williams on Art and Artists by Bram Dijkstra

by William Marling

on American Silent Film by William K. Everson

by Alexander Sesonske

on Telling Lives: The Biographer’s Art by Leon Edel, Justin Kaplan, Alfred Kazin, Doris Kearns, Theodore Rosengarten, Barbara W. Tuchman, Geoffrey Wolff, Marc Pachter; and Dubin’s Lives by Bernard Malamud

by Gay Wilson Allen

The Joy of Sports Books: A Tout Sheet (on From Ritual to Record: The Nature of Modern Sports by Allen Guttmann; The Big Game: College Sports and American Life by Edwin H. Cady; & Fielder’s Choice: AN Anthology of Baseball Fiction by Jerome Holtzman)

by David L. Vanderwerken

Wild Civility: Nature and Restraint in the Metaphor of the Garden (on The Idea of the Garden in the Renaissance by Terry Comito; Charles Bridgeman and the English Landscape Garden. Studies in Architecture, Vol. 17 by Peter Willis; & The English Landscape Garden by David Jarrett)

by James J. Yoch


Fall 1979