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The Georgia Review Fall 1982

Table of Contents


A Word for the Unspeakable

by George Watson

Being and Judaism

by Oscar Mandel

Famous Mythical Beasts: Olaf Stapledon and H. G. Wells

by Robert Crossley

The Reader as Protagonist in Kierkegaard’s Narrative Labyrinth

by Marilyn Thomas

Translating the Past: Literary Allusions as Covert Criticism

by Alan Nadel

How an Ape in Purple Met Jock of the Park

by George Garrett

The Zen Master

by Phillip Parotti

A Winter Visit

by Dannie Abse


by Dannie Abse


by Gary Margolis

Bedtime Story

by Dannie Abse


by Christine Gebhard

Divine Propositions

by Reynolds Price


by Richard Cecil

Glen Allen Delvo

by Roland Flint

My Guardian Angel Stein

by Philip Schultz

Storm Warning

by Tama Baldwin

Taking the Milk to Grandmother

by William Kloefkorn

The Assessment

by John B. Logan

The Mushroom-Eaters

by Sonia Gernes


by Wayne Dodd

Two-Way Stretch

by Charles Edward Eaton

on Laurel and Thorn: The Athlete in American Literature by Robert J. Higgs

by Fred Chappell

on The Astonished Traveler: William Darby, Frontier Geographer and Man of Letters by J. Gerald Kennedy

by Louis De Vorsey Jr.

on The Genius of Wilhelm Busch: Comedy of Frustration by Walter Arndt

by C.G. Thayer

Poems in Open Forms (on These Green-Going-to-Yellow by Marvin Bell; Dream Flights by Dave Smith; Flood by William Matthews; One for the Rose by Philip Levine)

by Peter Stitt

Poetry Is Alive and Well in Ireland (on Contemporary Irish Poetry: An Anthology by Anthony Bradley; Poems, 1965-1975 by Seamus Heaney; Field Work by Seamus Heaney; Poems, 1956-1973 by Thomas Kinsella; Peppercanister Poems, 1972-1978 by Thomas Kinsella; Selected Poems by John Montague)

by Thomas Parkinson

The Extra Skin That Language Can Give: Recent Collections of Short Stories (on What We Talk About When We Talk About Love by Raymond Carver; The Short Hall by James B. Hall; Stories Up to a Point by Bette Pesetsky; In the Land of Dreamy Dreams by Ellen Gilchrist; The Best American Short Stories: 1981 by Hortense Calisher, Shannon Ravenel; Fine Lines: The Best of Ms. Fiction by Ruth Sullivan)

by Doris Grumbach

The Magazine That Failed: The “Partisan Review” Crowd in Retrospect (on The Truants: Adventures Among the Intellectuals by William Barrett)

by Sanford Pinsker


Fall 1982