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The Georgia Review Fall 1984

Table of Contents


Myth as the Matrix of Literature

by Northrop Frye

The Night of the Acacia

by Eleanor Clark

The Thousand and One Nights translated by Eliot Weinberger

by Jorge Luis Borges

Jairus’ Daughter

by Susan Ponsoldt

Sir Thomas More in the Hall of Languages

by Edward Falco

26th Precinct Station

by Louis Simpson

An Essay in Political Science

by Paul Jones

From the Dark Lady

by Miriam Flock

Leonardo’s Dream

by Susan Donovan

String Quintet in G Minor, K. 516

by Howard Levy

That Modern Malice

by Jon Davis

The Cartographers

by Heather Allen

The List

by Carl Dennis

Windows on Women; Farming in Kentucky

by Joan Patchen

Objective Subjectivities (on Willingly by Tess Gallagher; Raw Heaven by Molly Peacock; The Evolution of the Flightless Bird by Richard Kenney; The Sorrow of Architecture by Liam Rector; & A Wave by John Ashbery)

by Peter Stitt

on An American Procession: The Major American Writers fom 1830 to 30—The Crucial Century by Alfred Kazin

by Sanford Pinsker

on Hawthorne’s Secret: An Un-Told Tale by Philip Young

by S. W. L.

on Night Hurdling; Poems, Essays, Conversations, Commencements, and Afterwords by James Dickey

by Paul Rice

on The Collected Prose by Robert Giroux, Elizabeth Bishop

by Michael J. Rosen

on The Crush by Gary Gildner

by Sterling Watson

on The Gift: Imagination and the Erotic Life of Property by Lewis Hyde

by S. C.

on The Lives and Legends of Jacques Lacan by Catherine Clément, Arthur Goldhammer

by Richard Jackson

on Two-Bit Culture: The Paperbacking of America by Kenneth C. Davis

by Jared Carter

Responses to Austen (on Jane Austen and the Drama of Woman by Leroy W. Smith; Jane Austen and Mozart: Classical Equilibrium in Fiction and Music by Robert K. Wallace; & Jane Austen: New Perspectives Women and Literature, New Series, No. 3 by Janet Todd)

by Patricia Meyer Spacks

Revelations and Concealments: Interviewers and Writers (on Interviews with Contemporary Writers: Second Series, 1972-1982 by L. S. Dembo; Acts of Mind: Conversations with Contemporary Poets by Richard Jackson; & Women Writers Talking by Janet Todd)

by Carolyne Wright


Fall 1984