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The Georgia Review Fall 1985

Table of Contents

Special Feature

The Future of Liberal Arts: A Humanist’s View

by O. B. Hardison Jr.

The Future of Liberal Arts: Scientist’s View

by David S. Saxon


by Donald Barthelme

Samuel Johnson Among the Deconstructionists

by Jean H. Hagstrum

Stasis, Story, and Anti-Story

by M. M. Liberman

A Teller’s Tale

by Gail Galloway Adams

Paper Products

by Jim Hall

250 Bradford

by David Wojahn

Chinese Architecture & The Subject Is “You Understood”

by Aleda Shirley

Elegance & Transitive

by Stephen Tapscott

Everyday Places

by Elizabeth McBride

Groundwork; The Fashion Designer; & The Art of Starving

by Richard Zenith

In the Old-Age Home Where He Says He’s Resting

by Dannie Abse

Moon, Razor, Eye

by Colleen J. McElroy

Old Man, Walking

by John Blair


by Deborah Tall

Ruby Tells All

by Miller Williams

Skywriters & Zimmer Closes His Family Home

by Paul Zimmer


by David Rigsbee

Critical Formalities (on The Formal Principle in the Novel by Austin M. Wright & Forms of Life: Character and Moral Imagination in the Novel by Martin Price)

by Alistair M. Duckworth

Malcolm Cowley and the Rehumanization of Art (on The Early Career of Malcolm Cowley: A Humanist Among the Moderns by James Michael Kempf & The Flower and the Leaf: A Contemporary Record of American Writing Since 1941 by Malcolm Cowley and Donald W. Faulkner)

by Hans Bak

on New & Selected Essays by Howard Nemerov

by Greg Johnson

on Revolution and Convention in Modern Poetry: Studies in Ezra Pound, T. S. Eliot, Wallace Stevens, Edwin Arlington Robinson and Yvor Winters by Donald E. Stanford

by G.E. Murray

on Sermons and Homilies of the Christ of Elqui by Nicanor Parra and Sandra Reyes

by Stephen Corey

on The Re-Creation of Landscape: A Study of Wordsworth, Coleridge, Constable, and Turner by James A. W. Heffernan

by Matthew C. Brennan

on The Trouble With America by Michel Crozier and Peter Heinegg

by Susan Tichy

on The Writer and Human Rights by Toronto Arts Group for Human Rights

by Marianne Boruch

Tradition and the Innovative Godzilla (on Collected Poems: 1957-1982 by Wendell Berry; The Salt Stone: Selected Poems by John Woods; Selected Poems: 1950-1982 by Kenneth Koch; The Collected Poems Of Robert Creeley: 1945-1975; & New and Selected Poems: 1923-1985 by Robert Penn Warren)

by Peter Stitt

Waking the Long Memory (on The Prophetic Poet and the Spirit of the Age (in three volumes). Volume One: Why Flannery O’Connor Stayed Home. Volume Two: Why Poe Drank Liquor. Volume Three: Why Hawthorne Was Melancholy by Marion Montgomery)

by W.A. Sessions


Fall 1985