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The Georgia Review Fall 1986

Table of Contents


50 on 50

by Peter Meinke

A Cabinet of Seeds Displayed & The Three Towns

by Howard Nemerov

A Dislike for Flowers

by Michael Cadnum

A Fugue

by Ellen Bryant Voigt

A Man’s Vocation Is Nobody’s Business

by James Galvin

A Story You Know

by Mark Strand

Any Night; Last Song of the Angel of Bad Luck; & Who

by Philip Levine


by Peter Cooley

Bedtime Story & A Winter Visit

by Dannie Abse

Biography of a Still Life

by Charles Edward Eaton

Caravati’s Salvage: Richmond, Virginia

by Dave Smith


by David Rigsbee

Cutting Beetle-Blighted Ponderosa Pine

by Jonathan Holden

Dance Script with Electric Ballerina

by Alice Fulton


by Gary Eddy

Don Juan in Winter

by Michael Mott


by Fred Chappell

Enough Time & Because We Are Not Taken Seriously

by Stephen Dunn


by John Frederick Nims


by William Matthews

For Dulcimer & Doubled Voice

by Jordan Smith

From a Milkweed Pod

by Robert Frost

Graffiti for a Particle Accelerator

by Dexter Masters

Green Tomatoes & Watch Them Die

by Dennis Trudell

If Justice Moved

by Bettie M. Sellers

In Scorching Time

by Alex Stevens

In the Winter Dark

by Dan Gerber

It’s All in Your Head

by Marilyn Nelson Waniek

Jackpot & Haying

by Jorie Graham

Judgement of Paris

by Robert Graves

Just Now

by Ted Kooser

Landscape of Domestic Life

by David Graham


by Scott Minar

Märchenbilder & Whether It Exists

by John Ashbery

Martyrdom: A Love Poem & Syllogism

by Bin Ramke

Milkweed Pods in Winter & Southpaw

by Lisel Mueller


by John Hollander

Mountain Soprano

by Martha McFerren

Moving Out

by Robley Wilson Jr.

My Guardian Angel Stein

by Philip Schultz

Nothing Happened

by Betty Adcock


by Mary Swander

Old Theme

by W. R. Moses

On the Marshes at Dawn

by David Weiss

Once Upon a Time

by Mekeel McBride

Page from the Koran

by James Merrill

Painting a Madonna


Prayer Service in an English Church

by Robert Bly


by Lucien Stryk

Saying Her Name & Old Map of Barnstable County

by James Galvin

Seasons & Muted Music

by Robert Penn Warren

Severe Figures

by Charles Simic

Simple Rituals

by Dyan Sublett

Skunk Cabbage & At Loxahatchie

by Mary Oliver

Sometimes Music Rises & Of Sitting Bear

by Wayne Dodd

Spring at Arm’s Length

by Charles Vandersee

Stairs & Fate

by W. S. Merwin

Stitching in Time: Dorothy Ruddick

by Richard Howard

Taking the Milk to Grandmother

by William Kloefkorn

Thanksgiving, Growing Older

by William Doreski

The Cartographers

by Heather Allen

The Competitors

by Gerald W. Barrax

The Feast of Stephen

by Anthony Hecht

The Final Prospect

by Carl L. Stach

The Great Poems

by Greg Kuzma

The Harbor

by John Engels

The Intimate Earth

by Pamela Kircher

The List

by Carl Dennis

The Name of God Is

by Jeanine Hathaway

The People in These Houses

by Jack Matthews

The Rapture Is Coming

by Alice Golembiewski Phillips

The Second Story

by T. R. Hummer

The Second Violinist’s Son

by Debora Greger

The Second Year

by Marion Montgomery

The Stagger of the Wind That I Think Is Your Turning

by Jane Miller

The Travellers

by Elizabeth Spires

The Tremors at Balvano

by Norman Williams

The Witch’s Life; Locked Doors; & Snow

by Anne Sexton

To Rise, So Suddenly

by Robin Behn

To the Cicada & Honey

by James Wright


by Mark A. R. Facknitz

Trusting Each Other & Tides

by William Stafford

Trying to Separate

by Robert Pack

Views of an American Writer

by Sumio Matsuda


by William Dickey

You Tell Me

by Lynn Emanuel


Fall 1986