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The Georgia Review Fall 1991

Table of Contents


Hard Being Good: Reaganomics, Free Expression, and Federal Funding of the Arts

by David Bosworth

To Suffer a Sea Change

by Peggy Phelan

Dirty Dreams and God Smiling

by Alane Rollings

I Have Always Known

by David Tillinghast

The Garden in October

by Kathleen Peirce

The Idea of Fine Souls

by Robert Lewis Weeks

Dances with Historians (on The New Historicism by H. Aram Veeser; The History in Literature: On Value, Genre, Institutions by Herbert Lindenberger; Between History and Literature by Lionel Gossman; Arguing with the Past: Essays in Narrative from Woolf to Sidney by Gillian Beer; Listening for the Text: On the Uses of the Past by Brian Stock; Para/Worlds: Entanglements of Art and History by Donald Pearce; Clues, Myths, and the Historical Method by Carlo Ginzburg, John Tedeschi, and Anne C. Tedeschi; Keeping Time: Memory, Nostalgia, and the Art of History by Peter N. Carroll; Time Passages: Collective Memory and American Popular Culture by George Lipsitz; & Writing the Apocalypse: Historical Vision in Contemporary U. S. and Latin Ameri can Fiction by Lois Parkinson Zamora)

by R. B. Kershner

Lives of the American Poet (on Marianne Moore: A Literary Life by Charles Molesworth; Becoming a Poet: Elizabeth Bishop with Marianne Moore and Robert Lowell by David Kalstone; Randall Jarrell: A Literary Life by William H. Pritchard; & Dream Song: The Life Of John Berryman by Paul Mariani)

by Edward Butscher

Under the Umbrella (on Landscape at the End of the Century by Stephen Dunn; World without End by Dan Masterson; Permanent Change by John Skoyles; Raised Underground by Renate Wood; & After by Ann Douglas)

by Judith Kitchen


Fall 1991