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The Georgia Review Fall 1996

Table of Contents


Bloodline in Ink

by Ernest J. Gaines

The Cult of the Adolescent: Commercial Indoctrination and the Collapse of Civic Virtue

by David Bosworth

The Dyskolos

by Julie Houston


by Kathleen A. Wakefield

For a Summer Night

by David Keller

Harvest Song

by Stephen Frech

On a Print by Hiroshige

by Gary Corseri

Our Own Devices & Not to Mention Love: A Heart for Patricia

by David Clewell

What It’s For

by Pamela Stewart

echo myths

by Tina Mullen

American Anger and the Lost Art of Liking (on City Life: Urban Expectations in a New World by Witold Rybczynski; Rule of the Bone by Russell Banks; & The New American Ghetto by Camilo José Vergara)

by Jerry Herron

Dispatches from the Culture Wars (on The Myth of Political Correctness: The Conservative Attack on Higher Education by John K. Wilson; The Twilight of Common Dreams: Why America Is Wracked by Culture Wars by Todd Gitlin; & Professional Correctness: Literary Studies and Political Change by Stanley Fish)

by Sanford Pinsker

Keeping Company (on Taking It Home: Stories from the Neighborhood by Tony Ardizzone; Ocean of Words: Army Stories by Ha Jin; & Wherever That Great Heart May Be by W. D. Wetherell)

by Lionel Basney

on Anais Nin: A Biography by Dierdre Bair

by Dynise Balcavage

on Bad Haircut: Stories of the Seventies by Tom Perrotta

by Gordon Johnston

on Conversations Before the End of Time: Dialogues on Art, Life, and Spiritual Renewal by Suzi Gablik

by Anne C. Bromley

on The Other Door by Karen Heuler

by Karen Weekes

on The University in Ruins by Bill Readings

by Sanford Pinsker

Piecework: The Longer Poem Returns (on Corvus by Anselm Hollo; Muse & Drudge by Harryette Mullen; The Invention of the Zero by Richard Kenney; and Kyrie by Ellen Bryant Voigt)

by Fred Chappell


Fall 1996