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The Georgia Review Fall 2002

Table of Contents


Doctor Whisper

by Robert Vivian


by Sidney Burris

For Those of Us Who Need Such Things

by Brock Clarke


by Richard Lange

—”fall among”. To come by chance into the company of; To move under the influence of gravity; especially, to drop without restraint; & —”fall back”. To give ground; recede; retreat

by Amy Newman

American Children & Leash

by Jim Simmerman

Film Meditation I: Decalogue (No. 8) & Film Meditation II: Ponette

by Susan Wood

Icon; A Glass of Water; & Paradise

by Mark Irwin

Nemerov’s “A Primer of the Daily Round” Held as a Mirror Up to Nature

by Leon Stokesbury

Primer of Words

by David Baker

Richard Nixon’s 1972 Christmas Bombing Campaign as Gospel; Dosso Dossi’s Saint George as Controvertible; & domestic violence as Noh play

by Quan Barry

The decade the country became known throughout the world

by William Archila

The Invention of Pointillism

by Steve Gehrke

The Wind

by Mark Jarman

Two Strangers Enter Sodom & The Afterimage of a Ghost

by Andrew Hudgins

Whitman Pinch-Hits, 1861

by Floyd Skloot

Selling 1/2 Japanese

by Steve Aishman

“It Can Take Awhile Until You Sound Like Yourself”: A Review of Recent Poetry Chapbooks (on Hands-On Saints by Holly Iglesias; Cooking in Key West by Ed Ochester; The Genuine Negro Hero by Thomas Sayers Ellis; The Spirit of Blue Ink by Walter Pavlich; Freight by Sondra Upham; and Against Elegies by Jack Ridl)

by Paul Zimmer

A Gathering of Literary Tribes: “Small” Magazine Anthologies (on Best of Prairie Schooner: Fiction and Poetry, edited by Hilda Raz; Best of Prairie Schooner: Personal Essays, edited by Hilda Raz and Kate Flaherty; A Fine Excess: Fifty Years of The Beloit Poetry Journal, edited by Marion K. Stocking; The Body Electric: America’s Best Poetry from the American Poetry Review, edited by Stephen Berg, David Bonanno, and Arthur Vogelsang; and Three special issues of Poetry East [boxed set], edited by Richard Jones

by Edward Butscher

It’s a Long, Long Story (on Prize Stories 2001: The O.Henry Awards, edited by Larry Dark; Margot by Kevin Stewart; Not: A Trio by David Huddle; Beasts by Joyce Carol Oates; Rot by Janet Kauffman; Big as Life: Three Tales for Spring by Maureen Howard; and The Body Artist by Don DeLillo)

by Greg Johnson

on In-Yer-Face Theatre: British Drama Today by Aleks Sierz

by Myles Weber

The Personal Essay and the Complicated Eye/I (on The Private I: Privacy in the Public World, edited by Molly Peacock; Bodies in Motion and at Rest: On Metaphor and Mortality by Thomas Lynch; Grave Goods: Essays of a Peculiar Nature by John P. O’Grady; and Many Circles: New and Selected Essays by Albert Goldbarth)

by Sanford Pinsker

The Personal Essay in the World (on My Misspent Youth by Meghan Daum; Cold Snap as Yearning by Robert Vivian; and Halls of Fame by John D’Agata

by Joe Bonomo

What It All Means (on The Force of Spirit by Scott Russell Sanders; Shaped by Wind and Water: Reflections of a Naturalist by Ann Haymond Zwinger; and Writing the Sacred into the Real by Alison Hawthorne Deming)

by Doug Carlson


Fall 2002