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The Georgia Review Fall 2005

Table of Contents



by Sally Shivnan

An Archaeology of Yearning

by Bruce Mills

It’s OK to Be Beautiful: The Photography of Michael Eastman

by William Gass

The Wasp

by Francis Ponge


by Ewing Campbell

Interrupting Jenny

by Anthony Farrington

A Phone Call to the Future

by Mary Jo Salter

Auden; Monday; & Mr. Jackson

by Mark Jarman

Hwy 1; The Al-Harishma Weapons Market; Observation Post #71; Two Stories Down; Autopsy; Dreams from the Malaria Pills (Barefoot); Tigris River Blues; Scales; Cole’s Guitar; & 9-Line Medevac

by Brian Turner

There Is a Room I Never Go Into

by Richard Tillinghast

To a Chameleon; Summer Anniversary; & Twenty-first Century

by Michael Collier

White Center

by Aleda Shirley

Eastman’s West

by Michael Eastman

Culture and Literature: Three Collections of Letters (on A Much Misunderstood Man: Selected Letters of Ambrose Bierce, edited by S. T. Joshi and David E. Schultz; The Humane Particulars: The Collected Letters of William Carlos Williams and Kenneth Burke, edited by James H. East; and Letters 1925-1975: Hannah Arendt and Martin Heidegger, edited by Ursula Ludz)

by Edward Butscher

on A Map of Doubt and Rescue: A Play by Susan Miller

by Kit Stolz

on Ariel: The Restored Edition by Sylvia Plath

by Melissa Crowe

on Mind: A Brief Introduction by John R. Searle

by Harold Fromm

on Redneck Riviera: Armadillos, Outlaws, and the Demise of an American Dream by Dennis Covington

by Siân Griffiths

on The Heart of The World: A Journey to the Last Secret Place by Ian Baker and Dalai Lama

by Jay Martin

The Fact of the Room (on Budget Travel through Space and Time by Albert Goldbarth; Controvertibles by Quan Barry; Country of Light by Joseph Stroud; The Coronary Garden by Ann Townsend; Fallen from a Chariot by Kevin Prufer; and First Hand by Linda Bierds)

by Judith Kitchen

“In Dreams Begins Responsibility”: An Interview with Haruki Murakami

by Jonathan Ellis & Mitoko Hirabayashi


Fall 2005