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The Georgia Review Fall 2019

Table of Contents

Special Feature

Back Roads and Ditch-Wise: Against Ben Lerner’s The Hatred of Poetry

by Molly Spencer

Now, Looking Back (two essays by Janisse Ray)

by Janisse Ray

Psyche’s Stolen Pleasure: Women Who Like to Look, Objectification, and Animism of the Inanimate

by Genese Grill

Among the Losses & Poetry Class, Ash Wednesday

by Anya Silver

Ode on Your Flaw; Chronic Transience; Early Sightings; & Sarcophagus Poetica

by J. Allyn Rosser

My Own City (on Donna Masini’s 4:30 Movie; Jennifer Franklin’s No Small Gift; and Lee Briccetti’s Blue Guide)

by Jonathan Blunk

on All the Wild Hungers: A Season of Cooking and Cancer by Karen Babine

by Vivian Wagner

The Necessary Impossibilities of Poetry (on Terrance Hayes’s American Sonnets for My Past and Future Assassin; Dorothy Barresi’s What We Did While We Made More Guns; Analicia Sotelo’s Virgin; and Kevin Prufer’s How He Loved Them)

by Kevin Clark


Fall 2019