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The Georgia Review Spring 1948

Table of Contents


A Shelf of Cherokee History

by James W. Moffitt


by Hal Steed

Daffodils and the Amateur Gardener

by Duncan Burnet

Democracy—What Is It?

by Theodore M. Hart

Fishing in Georgia

by Charles Elliott

Is It the Fourth Estate?

by Charles J. Bayne

Mechanization—A Key to Progress

by Oscar Johnston

Music and Conrad Aiken

by Calvin S. Brown

Regional Cooperation in Higher Education

by Millard F. Caldwell

The Leader Follows—Where?

by Brainard Cheney

The Natural Condition of Poetry

by W. R. Moses

The Prince of Southern Farmers

by Willard Range

The Easter Singer

by Margret G. Trotter

The Village of Gloop

by Chad Walsh


by Geoffrey Johnson

Sea Island Night

by Frances Ingalls Shinn

The Fool Killer

by Helen Bevington

The Lost Days

by Anderson M. Scruggs

Religion Today

by Edgar Legare Pennington


Spring 1948


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