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The Georgia Review Spring 1963

Table of Contents


At Home with the Industrial Revolution

by Jesse Hill Ford

Fiction’s Use of History

by Marion Montgomery

The Civil War Letters of General William Dorsey Pender to His Wife

by William W. Hassler

The Open Range Livestock Industry in Colonial Georgia

by James C. Bonner

The Southern Phoenix

by Richard M. Weaver

Tom Watson’s R.F.D.

by Amy Chambliss

Two Master Farmers of the Seventies

by Mary I. Stanton

As Big as the World

by Rose Charles

The Sunny Side

by Sam Elkin

At My Desk on Sunday Morning

by Harry Morris

Ballad of Husbandry

by Sam Bradley


by Stephen Mooney

Sunshine Skyway, St. Petersburg

by Minnie Hite Moody

The Odds For Us

by Clyde Lovejoy Stevens

Old University Documents, selected by Porter Kellam

by J. Meigs

on Patriotic Gore by Edmund Wilson

by John William Corrington

on Storming the Gateway by Fairfax Downey

by William Tate

on Swift’s Classical Rhetoric by Charles Allen Beaumont

by Ricardo Quintana

on The Right of Assembly and Association by Glenn Abernathy

by George Parthemos


Spring 1963


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