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The Georgia Review Spring 1964

Table of Contents


Composers and Congregations

by Edward R. Reilly

Faulkner and the Theme of Isolation

by Lawrence Edward Bowling

Joseph LeConte and the Reconciliation of Science and Religion

by John M. Martin

Significance in a Concerto

by S. J. Sackett

Stark Young, Chekhov and the Method of Indirect Action

by Jim Wayne Miller

The Case of Carson McCullers

by Oliver Evans

The Eur-African

by Anthony Harrigan

Virginia’s New Freedoms

by Leon Dure

Adam’s Apple

by William Sayres

Nune et in Hora Mortis

by William Paulk

Opening Day



by Edsel Ford

Flown the Coup

by Clyde Lovejoy Stevens


by Carleton Drewry

My shoulders hunch to bear my head Beneath its crush my heart lies dead

by James Dougherty

Other Presences

by Geoffrey Johnson

Pavane for Four O’clock

by Shirley Slater

The Encounter

by Robert Graves

on A New History of Spanish Literature by Richard E. Chandler, Kessel Schwartz

by Richard K. Murdoch

on A Year and a Day by Carlos Baker

by Marion Montgomery

on Full Circle by Grace Lumpkin

by William J. Free

on S. S. Savannah: The Elegant Steam Ship by Frank O. Braynard

by Malcolm Bell, Jr.

on The Far Side of Home by Maggie Davis

by Marion Montgomery

on The Social History of Bourbon: An Unhurried Account of Our Starspangled American Drink by Gerald Carson

by Charles E. Wynes


Spring 1964


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