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The Georgia Review Spring 1966

Table of Contents


“The Pilgrim’s Progress” as a Precursor of the Novel

by Paschal Reeves

A Democratic Vista of Religion

by Bernard F. Engel

Henry James and the Freedom Fighters of the Seventies

by Abigail Ann Hamblen

Hunting in the Old South, edited by Clarence Gohdes

by Thomas B. Thorpe & Yazoo

Not According to the Book: Materialism and the American Novel

by Frank Durham

The Food of the New South (1875-1940)

by Joe Gray Taylor

The Metaphysical Mirth of Emily Dickinson

by Paul W. Anderson

West Point’s William Faulkner Room

by Jack L. Capps

All Anybody

by Nancy Hale

Duplicate Monday Nights

by Jesse Hill Ford

The Names of My Brothers

by Jack Matthews

A Pedagogue’s Apology

by Hollis L. Cate

I Would Be Free

by Nora Nixon


by David Cornel DeJong

To My Savannah Lady

by Leo Connellan


by Gloria Maxson

on Lines to the South and Other Poems by John William Corrington

by Larry Rubin

on Amazing Grace by Robert Drake

by M. E. Bradford

on Georgia Waters: Tallulah Falls, Madison Springs, Scull Shoals and the Okefenokee Swamp by E. Merton Coulter

by Kenneth Coleman

on The Landscape of Nightmare by Jonathan Baumbach; Katherine Anne Porter & the Art of Rejection by William L. Nance

by E. C. Bufkin


Spring 1966


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