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The Georgia Review Spring 1968

Table of Contents


Angels at Forty Thousand Feet: “Ode to Our Young Pro-Consuls of the Air” and the Practice of Poetic Responsibility

by M. E. Bradford

Byron Herbert Reece: Ten Years After

by Raymond A. Cook

Great Circle: Conrad Aiken’s Musico-Literary Techniqu

by Robert Emerson Carlile

James Dickey’s Poems: 1957-1967: A Personal Appraisal

by John William Corrington

Paul Hamilton Hayne

by Rayburn S. Moore

Portraits of Georgia Slaves

by J. Ralph Jones & Thomas H. Landess

The “Noon Wine” Devils

by Thomas F. Walsh

A Family Privation

by Thomas G. Jones

A Georgia Peach

by Margaret S. Cathell & Russell Wood

And One to Grow On

by Natalie Gaudet Henderson

Light and Power

by Ian T. MacMillan


by Warren Leamon

Dark Horses Rushing

by Leo Connellan

Sundown In Rowan

by Harold Grier McCurdy

The Huckleberry Hunters

by Steve Clark

Two Ocean Shells, Used for Ashtrays

by Robert L. Stilwell

on A Fable by William Faulkner

by Randall Stewart

on Hunting in the Old South: Original Narratives of the Hunters by Clarence Gohdes

by Floyd C. Watkins

on Lord Dartmouth and the American Revolution by B. D. Barger

by Kenneth Coleman

on Robert Munford: America’s First Comic Dramatist by Rodney M. Baine

by Oral S. Coad

on Robert Toombs of Georgia by William Y. Thompson

by B. Phinizy Spalding


Spring 1968


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