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The Georgia Review Spring 1969

Table of Contents


“Bartleby” and “The Raven”: Parallels of the Irrational

by James L. Colwell & Gary Spitzer

Georgia and the American Revolution: Three Shades of Opinion

by Spencer Bidwell King, Jr.

Modernism and Subjectivity

by Edward R. DeZurko

The Ambiguous Auction Block

by William G. Proctor, Jr.

The Anti-Transcendentalism of “Moby-Dick”

by Michael J. Hoffman

The Black Ghost of White-Oak Fork: A Romance

by Wesley Ford Davis

The Birthday

by Margret G. Trotter

The Gift

by Louis Dollarhide

December Frost

by Sheelah Clarkson

In Retrospect: Oedipus to the Sphinx

by Imogene L. Bolls


by Catharine Savage Brosman

Rain Talk & Celebration for an Infant Child

by John C. Evans


by William Sayres


by Michael Finley


by Brewster Ghiselin

on America’s Political Dilemma: From Limited to Unlimited Democracy by Gottfried Dietze

by Willard B. Gatewood, Jr.

on Corra Harris: Lady of Purpose by John E. Talmadge

by William Tate

on Emerson and Thoreau: Transcendentales in Conflict by Joel Porte

by Charles Crowe

on Fielding and the Nature of the Novel by Robert Alter

by Martin C. Battestin

on Fires in the In-Basket: The ABC’s of the State Department by John P. Leacacos

by Augustus B. Turnbull

on Georgia Voices: A Documentary History to 1872 by Spencer B. King, Jr.

by Kenneth Coleman

on Heav’n’s First Law: Rhetoric and Order in Pope’s Essay on Man by Martin I. Kallich

by John M. Aden

on John Crowe Ransom: Critical Essays and a Bibliography by Thomas Daniel Young

by Robert Buffington

on Jonathan Swift as a Tory Pamphleteer by Richard Cook

by James J. Stathis

on Regionalism and Beyond: Essays of Randall Stewart by George Core, Norman Holmes Pearson

by Rayburn S. Moore

on Shakespeare and the Earl of Southampton by G. V. P. Akrigg

by Patricia L. Stewart

on Stephen Crane: A Biography by R. W. Stallman

by Richard E. Peck

on The Eloquent “I”: Style and Self in Seventeenth-Century Prose by Joan Webber

by L. A. Beaurline

on The Far Family by Wilma Dykeman

by Robert Drake

on The Private City by Sam Bass Warner, Jr.

by E. E. Melvin

on The Random House Unabridged Dictionary

by Roy Newton

on Thomas Nast: Political Cartoonist by J. Chal Vinson

by Oliver M. Coleman, Jr.


Spring 1969


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