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The Georgia Review Spring 1971

Table of Contents


A Note on Reviewing and a Review

by L. B. Cebik

Ill at Ease in Academe: American Higher Education in Crisis: An Essay Review

by Robert Griffith

Sebastian in the Looking Glass

by George Garrett

The Civil War Odes of Lowell and Tate

by E. T. Helmick

The Faculty Novel

by Irving A. Yevish

The Poetry of the Master’s Old Age

by Robert Buffington

Time and Man’s Possibilities in “Light in August”

by Leonard Neufeldt

Vantage and Vexation of Spirit

by Henry Taylor

Artist in Wartime

by Michael Mott

Cascade Plunge

by Arne Weingart

Grandfather Chance

by Robert Siegel

In Future Time; Premonition; & After the Ice

by Richard Moore

Maundy Thursday

by Thomas Milligan

Three Ring Chaos

by Ann Darr

on A Journal of the Plague Year by Daniel Defoe, Louis Landa; Caleb Williams by William Godwin, David McCracken; & Anna St. Ives by Thomas Holcroft, Peter Faulkner

by Rodney M. Baine

on Edwin Arlington Robinson: Centenary Essays by Ellsworth Barnard

by W. R. Robinson

on The Complete Masques by Ben Jonson, ed. by Stephen Orgel

by L. A. Beaurline

on The Greek Temple Builders at Epidauros by Alison Burford

by Edward R. DeZurko

on The Image of Man in America by Don Wolfe

by L. B. Cebik

on The New South Creed: A Study in Southern Mythmaking by Paul M. Gaston

by Robert B. Everett


Spring 1971