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The Georgia Review Spring 1975

Table of Contents


Castration: Artifices: Notes on the Writing of Manuel Puig

by Alicia Borinsky

Dreadful Alternatives: A Note on Robert Penn Warren

by Richard Howard

History and Imagination in the Nineteenth-Century Novel

by Robert Alter

Jean Renoir’s “La Grande Illusion”

by Alexander Sesonske

On Deciphering Mallarme

by Michael Riffaterre

On Two Words in The Libretto of “The Magic Flute”

by Angus Fletcher

Promised Land or Paradise Lost: The South Beheld

by David Herbert Donald

Wordsworth and the Defile of the Word

by Thomas Weiskel


by Stephen Dixon

A Cabinet of Seeds Displayed & A Memory of the War

by Howard Nemerov

Ballad of a Sweet Dream of Peace: A Charade for Easter

by Robert Penn Warren & Alexei Haief

Stairs; Robin; Fate; & The Lonely Child

by W. S. Merwin

The Kimono

by James Merrill

The Kite & Channel Trout

by Wyatt Prunty

To What Listens

by Wendell Berry

Venetian Interior, 1889

by Richard Howard

Eighteen Graphics

by Laurie Pannell

Ten Photographs

by Thornton Daniels

on Black Writers of the Thirties by James O. Young; & Documentary Expression and Thirties America by William Stott

by Carolyn Porter

on William H. Crawford, 1772-1834 by Chase C. Mooney

by Kenneth Coleman

on Words & Faces by Hiram Haydn

by Robert Buffington


Spring 1975


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