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The Georgia Review Spring 1977

Table of Contents


Ariachne’s Broken Woof

by J. Hillis Miller

Between the Acts: Jeanne Moreau’s “Lumiere”

by Geoffrey H. Hartman

Faulkner’s “Mosquitoes”

by Cleanth Brooks


by Jacques Derrida & Barbara Johnson


by Edward W. Said

The Artist, the Beautiful Girl, and the Crowd: The Case of Thomas Rowlandson

by Ronald Paulson

A Field of Snow on a Slope of the Rosenberg

by Guy Davenport

The Bureaucracy of Ballroom Dancing

by Stephen Matanle


by Richard Howard


by Lewis Turco

Loving Mad Tom & Whether It Exists

by John Ashbery

The Children’s Houses

by Allen Grossman

The Survivors

by Dan Masterson

Toward Comedy

by Richard Emil Braun

Hearing Secret Harmonies by Anthony Powell

by Hubert McAlexander, Jr.

on Henry Adams and Henry James: The Emergence of a Modern Consciousness by John Carlos Rowe; &Henry James—The Lessons of the Master: Popular Fiction and Personal Style in the Nineteenth Century by William Veeder

by Walter Benn Michaels

on A Structural Study of Autobiography: Proust, Leiris, Sartre, Levi-strauss by Jeffrey Mehlman

by Wesley A. Morris

on After Babel by George Steiner

by Barry Weller

on Language and Interpretation in Psychoanalysis by Marshall Edelson; & A New Language for Psychoanalysis by Roy Schafer

by Richard King

on Whitman’s Journeys into Chaos: A Psychoanalytic Study of the Poetic Process by Stephen A. Black; & The Romantic Sublime: Studies in the Structure and Psychology of Transcendence by Thomas Weiskel

by David M. Wyatt


Spring 1977


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