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The Georgia Review Spring 1978

Table of Contents


‘Tis A Pretty Book, Mr. Boswell, But

by Donald Greene

“excerpts from” The Notes

by Andre Derain & Rosanna Warren

A Metaphysic of Painting: The Notes of Andre Derain

by Rosanna Warren

Last Hope, or Hopeful at Last? Recent Views of the American South

by Willard B. Gatewood, Jr.

Phoenix on Turtle Island: D. H. Lawrence in Henry Adams’ America

by William Wasserstrom

Robert Lowell and the Literature Industry

by Donald Hall

Secular Vision, Transcendental Style: The Art of Yasujiro Ozu

by Robert Boyers

Some Manhattan in New England

by Peter LaSalle

The Tale of Silky the Simile-Maker and Rhuan the Resilient

by Roberta Gupta


by Philip Levine

I Decide Not to Have Children & Other Women’s Children

by Marilyn Nelson Waniek

Preparing for the Takeover & The Psychiatrist Seeking Salvation

by Susan Ludvigson

Proof & Cold Snap

by Kathy Mangan

The Literature of Memory: Modern Writers of the American South by Richard Gray

by Richard King

on Keeping the Night by Peter Everwine; Bad Boats by Laura Jensen; Stars by C. G. Hanzlicek; Comforting the Wilderness by Robert B. Shaw; & Lucky Life by Gerald Stern

by Peter Stitt

on Four Postwar American Novelists by Frank D. McConnell

by Bruce Janoff

on Oglethorpe in America by Phinizy Spalding

by Jim Potter

on Robert Frost: The Work of Knowing by Richard Poirier

by Charles Molesworth

on Samuel Johnson: Political Writings by Donald J. Greene

by Alan T. McKenzie

on Samuel Johnson by W. Jackson Bate

by Richard B. Schwartz

on The Caricatures of George Cruikshank by John Wardroper

by Ronald Paulson

on The Montecassino Passion and the Poetics of Medieval Drama by Robert R. Edwards

by Jerome Mazzaro

on The Regionalists: Painters of the American Scene by Nancy Heller, Julia Williams

by John C. Carlisle


Spring 1978


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