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The Georgia Review Spring 1979

Table of Contents


And the World Became Strange: Realms of Literary Fantasy

by George P. Landow

Artistic Creation in Dreams

by Harold Grier McCurdy

Poetry as Revelation: A Nineteenth-Century Mirage

by Christopher Clausen

The Cinema of the Grotesque

by Ruth Perlmutter

The Prophetic Poet and the Loss of Middle Earth

by Marion Montgomery

Vision, Madness, and Morality: Poetry and the Theory of the Bicameral Mind

by Judith Weissman


by Carol Papenhausen

Long Trail of Blue

by Mary Howard

Moments of Light

by Fred Chappell

A Burial, Green

by Marcia Southwick

Approaching Spring

by Tom Luhrmann

Clear Moonlight & The Sleep Collector

by Franz Douskey

Elsinore in the Late Ancient Autumn

by Norman Dubie

Feeling at Home in the Body

by Robert Bly

Grandmother Loved Mahler

by Paul H. Cook

Part of a Short Story

by Robert Penn Warren

The Intimate Earth & In the Small Boats of Their Hands

by Pamela Kircher

The Mothers of Fruition

by Douglas Tedards


by Richard Speakes

Beckett: A Reluctant Sitter (on Samuel Beckett: A Biography by Deirdre Bair

by David Hayman

on Sailing into the Unknown: Yeats, Pound, and Eliot by M. L. Rosenthal

by Charles Molesworth

on Poetry in America: Expression and its Values in the Times of Bryant, Whitman, and Pound by Bernard Duffey

by James E. Breslin

on The Other Half by Kenneth Clark

by Ronald Varney

Prodding America’s Funnybone (on America’s Humor: From Poor Richard to Doonesbury by Walter Blair, Hamlin Hill)

by Sanford Pinsker

Some New Light on the Fantastic (on The Fantastic in Literature by Eric S. Rabkin; Fairy Tales and After: From Snow White to E. B. White by Roger Sale; & Dream and Image by Bettina L. Knapp)

by William Provost

The Grandeur of Certain Utterances (on Now and Then: Poems 1976-1978 by Robert Penn Warren

by Peter Stitt


Spring 1979