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The Georgia Review Spring 1980

Table of Contents


Infidelity and Fiction: The Discovery of Women’s Subjectivity in “Arabian Nights”

by Judith Grossman

Jabbing the Sore Spot: “Alienism” and Its Cultural Role

by W. F. Monroe

Midwestern Writers and the Myth of the Search

by David D. Anderson

Remembering Allen Tate

by Malcolm Cowley

Science and Romanticism

by Edward Proffitt

The Two Stages of an Artist’s Life

by Robert Bly

Translation and Creation in the Film: Truffauft’s “The Wild Child”

by Graham Petrie

The Idiocy of Rural Life

by Fred Pfeil

“Chew Mail Pouch”

by D. L. Klauck

Ballad of Your Puzzlement

by Robert Penn Warren


by Fred Chappell


by John Witte

In Random Fields of Impulse and Repose

by Jeanine Hathaway

In Scorching Time

by Alex Stevens

Landscape of Domestic Life

by David Graham

Lying Out in the Rain

by H. L. Van Brunt

The Harbor

by John Engels

The Labor Camp

by Robley Wilson Jr.

This Day After Yesterday

by Philip Booth

Wheel in the Sky

by Cory Wade

Illustrations for The Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde

by Vera Rosenberry

An End to Criticism? (on The Republic Of Letters: A History of Postwar American Literary Opinion by Grant Webster)

by René Wellek

And To Make a Long Story Short (on The Best American Short Stories 1978 by Ted Solotaroff; The Women in the Mirror by Pat Carr; Lambing Out and Other Stories by Mary Clearman; Things About to Disappear by Allen Wier; & Who Wrote the Book of Love? by Thomas Färber)

by William F. Van Wert

on Cannibals and Missionaries by Mary McCarthy

by Diane Cole

on The Homosexual Tradition in American Poetry by Robert K. Martin

by Charles Molesworth

on Uncollected Stories of William Faulkner by Joseph Blotner

by Calvin S. Brown

on Waste. Book I The Town Scold; Book II: Transparencies; & Book III: Deas’s Good Company by Judith Johnson Sherwin, Margaret Lampe

by Hayden Carruth

Scrawny Cries, Barbaric Yawps (on The American Quest for a Supreme Fiction: Whitman’s Legacy in the Personal Epic by James E. Miller Jr.; & Emerson and the Orphic Poet in America by R. A. Yoder)

by Eric J. Sundquist

The Intellectual as Southerner or the Southerner as Intellectual? (on The Idea of the American South, 1920-1941 by Michael O’Brien; & Such As Us: Southern Voices of the Thirties by Tom E. Terrill, Jerrold Hirsch)

by William C. Havard

The Sincere, the Mythic, the Playful: Forms of Voice in Current Poetry (on 7 Years From Somewhere by Philip Levine; Ashes: Poems New and Old by Philip Levine; Long Island Light: Poems & A Memoir by William Heyen; Goshawk, Antelope by Dave Smith; & The City of the Olesha Fruit by Norman Dubie)

by Peter Stitt


Spring 1980