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The Georgia Review Spring 1985

Table of Contents


The Bosom Serpent: Folklore and Popular Art

by Harold Schechter

The End of Boredom

by John P. Sisk

The Nobel Prize and the Paper Men: The Fixing of William Golding

by E. C. Bufkin

Writers on Journalists: A Version of Atheism

by Robert B. Heilman

Her Mother’s Daughter

by Tom Russell


by Joyce R. Kornblatt

The Immoralities: Drunk All Afternoon

by T. R. Hummer


by Allen Hoey

Van Gogh, “The Potato Eaters”

by Peter Cooley

When My Father

by Ron Smith

Women at Forty & Family History

by Sonia Gernes

Wood Violet & Common Mullein

by Terrance Keenan

“My Fingers Clawing the Air”: Versions of Paradise in Contemporary American Poetry (on Deep Within the Ravine by Philip Schultz; Paradise Poems by Gerald Stern; Drawn by Stones, by Earth, by Things that Have Been in the Fire by Marvin Bell; Traffic, With Ghosts by Rosanne Coggeshall; & Selected Poems by Philip Levine)

by Peter Stitt

Custom, Birth, Food, Nature: A Perspective on Some Women Poets (on The Nightingale’s Burden: Women Poets and American Culture Before 1900 by Cheryl Walker; An American Triptych: Anne Bradstreet, Emily Dickinson, Adrienne Rich by Wendy Martin; To Hold in My Hand: Selected Poems, 1955-1983 by Hilda Morley; Coagulations: New and Selected Poems by Jayne Cortez; The White Wave by Kate Daniels; In the Mother Tongue by Catherine Anderson; Deer in the Haystacks by Dixie Partridge; Deception Pass by Sue Standing; Natural Affinities by Erica Funkhouser; All That Autumn by Eileen Silver-Lillywhite; Hours by Frances Mayes; & Talking Soft Dutch by Linda McCarriston)

by Maxine Kumin

Interpreted Lives (on The Life of Jane Austen by John Halperin & James Boswell: The Later Years, 1769-1795 by Frank Brady)

by Patricia Meyer Spacks

on Diane Arbus: A Biography by Patricia Bosworth

by Susan Mernit

on Dust Bowl Descent by Bill Ganzel

by Charles C. Nash

on Plath’s Incarnations: Woman and the Creative Process by Lynda K. Bundtzen

by Edward Morin

on The Transitive Vampire: A Handbook of Grammar for the Innocent, the Eager, and the Doomed by Karen Elizabeth Gordon

by Thomas DePietro

on Twentieth Century Pleasures: Prose on Poetry by Robert Hass

by Marianne Boruch

on When Words Lose Their Meaning: Constitutions and Reconstitutions of Language, Character, and Community by James Boyd White

by R. B. Kershner


Spring 1985