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The Georgia Review Spring 1987

Table of Contents

Special Feature

Bluegrass Wasteland

by T. R. Hummer

The Coronation of Realism

by George Watson

Don’t Worry About the Kids

by Jay Neugeboren

Piano Lessons

by William F. Van Wert


by Louise Hardeman Abbot

Paul’s Wholesale Florist

by Starkey Flythe Jr.

Against the Grain: Interviews with Maverick American Publishers by Robert Dana

by Stanley W. Lindberg

Old Frontiers / New Images (on Portraits and Dreams: Photographs and Stories by Children of the Appalachians by Wendy Ewald; In the American West: 1979-1984 by Richard Avedon; & Rich and Poor by Jim Goldberg)

by James Guimond

on Irish Poetry after Joyce by Dillon Johnston

by R. B. Kershner

on Song of the Sky: Versions of Native American Songs and Poems by Brian Swann

by Anne C. Bromley

on The Real West Marginal Way: A Poet’s Autobiography by Richard Hugo, Ripley S. Hugo, Lois Welch, James Welch

by Stephen Corey

on The Rise of the New York Intellectuals: Partisan Review and Its Circle, 1934-1945 by Terry A. Cooney

by Sanford Pinsker

The Moments that Matter (on Only the Little Bone by David Huddle & And Venus Is Blue by Mary Hood)

by Judith Kitchen

The Whirlpool of Image and Narrative Flow (on Second Language by Lisel Mueller; Sometimes Music Rises by Wayne Dodd; The Happy Man by Donald Hall; Unending Blues by Charles Simic; Living Gloves by Lynn Doyle; & Cemetery Nights by Stephen Dobyns)

by Peter Stitt

Seeking the Truth in Narrative: An Interview with Shelby Foote

by William C. Carter & Shelby Foote


Spring 1987


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