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The Georgia Review Spring 1988

Table of Contents


Exotic Friends, Evil Others, and Vice Versa

by James Guimond

Moral Inversion and Critical Argument

by Christopher Clausen


by Nicholas Bromell

Waiting for Hadrian

by John Taylor

Bizarre Births

by Diana Reed

Dancing with Gloom and Broken Noses

by Harry A. Haines

Fear of Trembling

by William F. Van Wert


by Steven Rinehart


by Linda Allardt


by Edward Locke

Ocean Out Over Ohio

by Brenda Catto

Why the Young Girl Dreams of Horses

by Judith Hougen

Gold Rings: Recent Award-Winning Poetry Volumes (on Fragments from the Fire: The Triangle Shirtwaist Company Fire of March 25, 1911 by Chris Llewellyn; Little Star by Mark Halliday; Saving the Young Men of Vienna by David Kirby; Whistle Maker by Robert J. Levy; & Stages of Twilight by Alice Derry)

by Stephen Corey

on American Vision: The Films of Frank Capra by Raymond Carney

by Leonard J. Leff

on Eros the Bittersweet by Anne Carson

by William Smoot

on Eve’s Journey: Feminine Images in Hebraic Literary Tradition by Nehama Aschkenasy

by Elizabeth M. Makowski

on Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl: Written by Herself. by Harriet A. Jacobs by Jean Fagan Yellin

by B. A. St. Andrews

on Inventing the Truth: The Art and Craft of Memoir by William Zinsser

by Timothy Dow Adams

on Rock Springs by Richard Ford

by Philip W. Orr

on The Sherwood Anderson Diaries, 1936-1941 by Hubert H. Campbell

by Yolanda Butts

Reading the Bible Well, in a Secular, Post-Holocaust Age (on Congregation: Contemporary Writers Read the Jewish Bible by David Rosenberg & The Literary Guide to the Bible by Robert Alter and Frank Kermode)

by Sanford Pinsker

The Hegemony of “Hegemony”: Criticism, Capitalism, and Being in the World (on The Political Responsibility of the Critic by Jim Merod & Politics of Letters by Richard Ohmann)

by Harold Fromm


Spring 1988