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The Georgia Review Spring 1989

Table of Contents


On the Zeedijk

by Richard Watson


by Evelyn Livingston

The Story

by Lucy Honig

A Mystery

by Andrew Hudgins

Burning the Walls

by Bobby Caudle Rogers

How to Tell a True Love Story

by Sue Ellen Thompson

In the Exploded View; Six BĂ©lons; & The Condom Tree

by Chase Twichell

Object in an Inventory

by Robert Hahn


by Michele Glazer

Two Composers in Search of One Los Angeles

by Kevin J. Hearle

Cultural Power (on Highbrow/Lowbrow: The Emergence of Cultural Hierarchy in America by Lawrence W. Levine & Boxed In: The Culture of TV by Mark Crispin Miller)

by Harold Fromm

Loners Whose Voices Move (on Yellow Glove by Naomi Shihab Nye; Further Adventures With You by C. D. Wright; Descendant by Marianne Boruch; & Out in the Open by Margaret Gibson)

by Philip Booth

Notes Toward a Better Fiction (on Prize Stories 1988: The O. Henry Awards by William Abrahams; The Best American Short Stories, 1988 by Mark Helprin; & New Stories from the South: The Year’s Best, 1988 by Shannon Ravenel)

by T. E. Holt

on Home Economics by Wendell Berry

by J. T. Barbarese

on The Ascetic Imperative in Culture and Criticism by Geoffrey Galt Harpham

by Kieran Quinlan

on The Collected Letters of William Morris. Volume I, Volume IIA, Volume IIB by Norman Kelvin

by Gerald Weales

on The Hopper Light by David Rigsbee

by Anne C. Bromley

The Singer in the White Pajamas

by Louis Phillips


Spring 1989