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The Georgia Review Spring 1992

Table of Contents


In the First Place of My Life

by Ray A. Young Bear

Lessons Learned, Lessons Lost

by Jim W. Corder

Love and/or War

by W. D. Snodgrass

The Gulf of Unknowing

by Will Baker


by Kathryn Chetkovich

Wind Players

by Norma Marder


by Paul Grant

Cross-casting, for Beginners

by Laura Fargas


by Erin Murphy


by Robert J. Levy

My Mother’s Voices

by Susan A. Manchester


by Linda Nemec Foster

Saturday matinees; cigar-store indians; & the fastest thing alive

by Alvin Greenberg


by Carl Dennis

The First Choir: Seraphim

by Frances Kuffel


by Frank X. Gaspar

Bomb Love: And After? (on Bravo 20: The Bombing of the American West by Richard Misrach and Myriam Weisang Misrach & Nuclear Landscapes by Peter Goin)

by Reg Saner

Excellent Excesses (on Boy on the Step by Stanley Plumly; Blues if you Want by William Matthews; Infrequent Mysteries by Pamela Stewart; Heaven and Earth: A Cosmology by Albert Goldbarth; & The Rabbiter’s Bounty: Collected Poems by Les Murray)

by Judith Kitchen

on A Poet’s Work: The Other Side of Poetry by Sam Hamill

by Steve Kronen

on Berlin Calling: American Broadcasters in Service to the Third Reich by John Carver Edwards

by Betty Sargent

on Pen, Ink, & Evidence: A Study of Writing and Writing Materials for the Penman, Collector, and Document Detective by Joe Nickell

by Mary Hood

on The Bicycle Slow Race by Claire Bateman

by Jim Peterson

Photography: Post-Evans (on And their Children After Them by Dale Maharidge and Michael Williamson & Close up by William Klein)

by James Guimond


Spring 1992