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The Georgia Review Spring 1999

Table of Contents

Special Feature

Finding Eudora

by Reynolds Price

Golden Apples

by Alice Munro

Learning from Miss Welty

by Stanley W. Lindberg

The Doll

by Eudora Welty

The Essential Clue and Connection

by Mary Hood

Tough as Fire

by Doris Betts

Twilight of the Apple Growers

by Jane Brox

In the Valley of the Shadow

by Trenton Lee Stewart


by Dwight Allen

The Librarian’s Farewell

by Al Hudgins

At the Border

by Derick Burleson


by Elizabeth Oness


by Hugh Steinberg

Grief, for a long time sound,

by Mary Pinard

If night and day behaved like doors

by Rebecca Givens

On Playing the Hoedown “Sally Goodin”

by Donelle R. Ruwe


by Josie Kearns


by Liane Strauss

Preaching the Subjunctive

by Grace Bauer

The Pornographer’s Dream

by Paul McRay

The Two

by Christian Barter


by Nancy Simpson

But Is It a Basket?

by Michael Davis

About Writers: Hack, Serious, and Academic (on Hired Pens: Professional Writers in America’s Golden Age of Print by Ronald Weber; A Dangerous Profession: A Book about the Writing Life by Frederick Busch; and Writing in Disguise: Academic Life in Subordination by Terry Caesar)

by Sanford Pinsker

Mutability Cantos (on Mrs. Dumpty by Chana Bloch; The Uses of Adversity by Ronald Wallace; Green Sees Things in Waves by August Kleinzahler; Babylon in a Jar: New Poems by Andrew Hudgins; and Glare by A. R. Ammons)

by Jay Rogoff

on Avatars of the Word: From Papyrus to Cyberspace by James J. O’Donnell

by Thomas Larson

on Blank Fictions: Consumerism, Culture and the Contemporary American Novel by James Annesley

by Marshall Boswell

on O My Land, My Friends: The Selected Letters of Hart Crane, edited by Langdon Hammer and Brom Weber

by Christopher Tidwell

on The American Prose Poem: Poetic Form and the Boundaries of Genre by Michel Delville

by Brett Foster

on Twentieth-Century Southern Literature by J. A. Bryant Jr.

by Randall Curb

Worlds and Seas: Poets on Poetry (on The Work of Poetry by John Hollander; Some Necessary Angels: Essays on Writing and Politics by Jay Parini; and The Catbird’s Song: Prose Pieces 1963-1995 by Richard Wilbur)

by Edward Butscher


Spring 1999