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The Georgia Review Spring 2003

Table of Contents



by Alison Cadbury

Tapping Back

by Patricia Vigderman

The Work of Honeybees

by Allison Wallace


by Sarah Shun-lien Bynum

If It’s Not Too Much to Ask

by Alice Fulton

Bees in Lavender

by Gilbert Allen

Bite Me

by Beth Ann Fennelly


by Joel Brouwer

In the Gabinetti Segretti

by Monica Ferrell

La Chambre de van Gogh à Arles

by Jane Eklund

Or Thorns Compose So Rich a Crown

by Eric Pankey

Rhapsody Today & Where I Go When I’m Out of My Mind

by Barbara Ras

Short Story of a Little Death

by Eamon Grennan

Signs Following

by Maggie Anderson

The Aestheticians of Genocide

by Gregory Djanikian

The Good Doctors

by Daniel Mark Epstein

The Infinite Subject

by Chard deNiord

The Judge at Work

by Dabney Stuart

Tunnel of Cloistered Refuge

by Dan Masterson

Modern Writers, Modern Lives (on Charles Dickens by Jane Smiley; Ted Hughes: The Life of a Poet by Elaine Feinstein; Iris Murdoch: A Life by Peter J. Conradi; Flannery O’Connor: A Life by Jean W. Cash; Peter Taylor: A Writer’s Life by Hubert H. McAlexander; and Wrapped in Rainbows: The Life of Zora Neale Hurston by Valerie Boyd)

by Greg Johnson

on It Wasn’t All Dancing and Other Stories by Mary Ward Brown

by Laura Smith

on Sleeping With The Dictionary by Harryette Mullen

by Heidi Peppermint

on Teacher: The One Who Made the Difference by Mark Edmundson

by Sanford Pinsker

Taste and the Open Door (on The Poetry Anthology, 1912-2002: Ninety Years of America’s Most Distinguished Verse Magazine, edited by Joseph Parisi and Stephen Young; Dear Editor: A History of Poetry in Letters: The First Fifty Years, 1912-1962, edited by Joseph Parisi and Stephen Young; and Poets of the New Century, edited by Roger Weingarten and Richard Higgerson)

by Jeff Gundy


Spring 2003