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The Georgia Review Spring 2004

Table of Contents


Despite This Pearl

by Carissa Neff

Rilke’s Rodin

by William Gass

Over the Cliff

by Lucy Ferriss

Precious Blood

by Mark Wisniewski

The Reason Was Us

by Brock Clarke

14 rue Serpentine

by Nicholas Christopher

Disputanta to Zuni

by John Casteen

Gypsy Fiddle; Horton’s Store; & Summertime

by R. T. Smith


by David Baker

Metes and Bounds & Boy Hunting in Bog

by Henry Taylor

Nap Time

by Tom Franklin

Ode to the Perineum

by Steve Scafidi

Strangers in This City Where We Have Come Seeking a Cure for Her Cancer; My Daughter and I Drive Up to the Clinic; & The Widow Speaks

by Jo McDougall

The Garden of Consummation

by Jeanne Larsen

Winter’s Tale

by Pamela Harrison

Eastman’s Rodin

by Michael Eastman

Batter My Heart (on Lot of My Sister by Alison Stine; The Scottish Café by Susan H. Case; Three by Stephen Philbrick; Rendered into Paradise by Jean Feraca; Lost River by James Tate; A Tree Ogham by Marcia L. Hurlow; Earthbound and Singing to the Garden by Roger Pfingston; and Light Made from Nothing by Susan Elbe)

by Paul Zimmer

on Library: An Unquiet History by Matthew Battles

by Bruce Borowsky

on Lives of the Artists by Dennis Vannatta

by Jack Smith

on Mailman by J. Robert Lennon

by Steven G. Kellman

on Notes from a Divided Country by Suji Kwock Kim

by Amy Schroeder

Second Thoughts: On Rereading Robert Lowell (on Collected Poems by Robert Lowell, Frank Bidart, and David Gewanter)

by Judith Kitchen

The Vigil of Astonishment (on The Mercy Seat: Collected and New Poems, 1967-2001 by Norman Dubie)

by Kevin Clark


Spring 2004