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The Georgia Review Spring 2008

Table of Contents


Fundamentalism and Literature

by Ihab Hassan


by Tracy Daugherty

An Abbreviated Tour of the Not Yet Fallen World & Language: A Love Poem

by Stephen Dunn

Living with Fog

by Lynne Knight

The Two Tinos & Words on the Wind

by Philip Levine

The Course of History

by Bart Michiels

Getting a Life (on John Donne: The Reformed Soul by John Stubbs; Being Shelley: The Poet’s Search for Himself by Ann Wroe; Thomas Hardy by Claire Tomalin; Edith Wharton by Hermione Lee; Thomas Wolfe: When Do the Atrocities Begin? by Joanne Marshall Mauldin; and Bernard Malamud: A Writer’s Life by Philip Davis)

by Greg Johnson

on Valentines: Stories by Olaf Olafsson

by Kelly Cherry

The Omnivorous Omnibus (on Sleeping and Waking by Michael O’Brien; Halflife by Meghan O’Rourke; Time and Materials: Poems 1997–2005 by Robert Hass; Failure by Philip Schultz; Old Heart by Stanley Plumly)

by Judith Kitchen

The Poet’s Eye: Essays on Poetry (on Real Sofistikashun: Essays on Poetry and Craft by Tony Hoagland; The Art of Attention: A Poet’s Eye by Donald Revell; & The Art of the Poetic Line by James Longenbach)

by Robert Schnall


Spring 2008