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The Georgia Review Summer 1948

Table of Contents


Chattanooga, Tennessee-Georgia

by Gilbert E. Govan & James W. Livingood

Chinese Humanism and the West

by Gung-Hsing Wang

Festivals in Japan

by Emily Woodward

Guided Missiles—Their Past and Future

by Earl W. Phelan

Has the World Grown Smaller?

by Isabel Paterson

How to Know One When You See Him

by H. D. Russell

Innocents Abroad, Then and Now

by John O. Eidson

Intelligence and the Crisis of Our Culture

by Lewis White Beck

The American Scholar and His Postulate

by Earl L. Vance

The Birth of the Court of Appeals of Georgia

by Arthur G. Powell

The Georgia Apple

by T. H. McHatton

William Bacon Stevens: Physician, Historian, Teacher, Preacher

by E. M. Coulter

Shingpoo, The Wild Man of Kiuzan: (An Adventure in the Picaresque Tradition)

by John Spencer

Georgia Towns

by Daniel Whitehead Hicky


by Geoffrey Johnson

Sea Shells in the Georgia Hills

by John Van Brakle


Summer 1948


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