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The Georgia Review Summer 1973

Table of Contents


An Aesthetic Parable: Faulkner’s “Artist at Home”

by M. E. Bradford

Eliot’s “Ash Wednesday” and Maritain’s Ideal for Poetry


Evelyn Waugh: Satire and Symbol

by Jerome Meckier

Growing Up in Georgia and Tennessee: The Letters of John E. Talmadge and William Wallace Davidson: part Two

by John E. Talmadge & William Wallace Davidson

Lamar Dodd: “One’s Study Is Never Finished”

by Albert Christ-Janer

Politics and the Poetry of Robert Lowell

by Stephen C. Moore

Shelley the Assassin

by Harold Grier McCurdy

The Progress of Hernando de Soto in Andrew Lytle’s “At the Moon’s Inn”

by Robert G. Benson

William Saroyan, Come Home

by H. E. Francis

Eating Pears at Midnight

by Catharine Savage Brosman

Notes for an Illustrated Life

by Charles Edward Eaton

Remonstrance with the Muse & Ripe Fruit

by Ellen Bryant Voigt

Translations from the Latin by Michael West

by Michael West

Two Lyrics: For My Father

by Philip Kuhn

on A New History of Spanish American Fiction. Vol. I, Vol. II by Kessel Schwartz

by Wilder P. Scott

on Architecture of Middle Georgia: The Oconee Area by John Linley; & The Housing of Oglethorpe County, Georgia, 1790-1860 by Ava D. Rogers

by Edward R. DeZurko

on Kierkegaard and Faulkner: Modalities of Existence by George C. Bedell

by L. B. Cebik

on Saigon Cemetery by D. C. Berry, George Garrett

by John Bentley Mays

on The Poetry of John Crowe Ransom by Miller Williams; Beating the Bushes: Selected Essays, 1941-1970 by John Crowe Ransom; & John Crowe Ransom: Critical Principles and Preoccupations by James E. Magner, Jr.

by Thomas Daniel Young

on William Carlos Williams’ Paterson: Language and Landscape by Joel Conarroe; Studies in Paterson. [Charles E. Merrill Studies] by John Engels; A Companion to William Carlos Williams’s Paterson by Benjamin Sankey; & William Carlos Williams: The American Background by Mike Weaver

by Suzanne Ferguson


Summer 1973