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The Georgia Review Summer 1974

Table of Contents


Breaking a Path for the Liberation of Women in the South

by Clement Eaton

Hopkins, the Humanities, and the Environmen

by Jerome Bump

John Barth’s Tenuous Affirmation: “The Absurd, Unending Possibility of Love”

by Harold Farwell

Lord Russell and Madame Sesostris

by Marion Montgomery

Marion Montgomery’s “Fugitive”

by Thomas H. Landess

The Short Stories of Joyce Carol Oates

by Samuel F. Pickering, Jr.

The Southern Element in Poe’s Fiction

by Thomas Hubert

The Works and Days of Karl Stern

by Stephen R. Maloney

Thurber’s Walter Mitty — The Underground American Hero

by Carl M. Lindner

A New Song from an Old Climate; Letting Go; With a Liverful; & Spring Night

by Patrick White


by Larry Rubin

For John, Not Marrying

by Sherry Rind

For My Contemporaries

by Pat Lamorte

On Hearing a Lady Poet Preoccupied with Angels Read in April

by Laramour Miller

September Spring in Zambia & Oranges

by Christina Dudley

Susanna and the Old Boys

by Sam Bradley

The Swimmer & Always in a Soft Voice

by Joan Stone

The Virgin of the Rocks

by Harold Grier McCurdy

The Well; Jonah; The Earl of Arundel; & Don Juan in Winter

by Michael Mott

on Corvo Saint or Madman? by Donald Weeks

by Paul A. Makurath, Jr.

on D. H. Lawrence, The Man and His Work: The Formative Years, 1885-1919 by Emile Delavenay

by John E. Stoll

on Poetry and Crisis in the Age of Chaucer by Charles Muscatine; & Chaucer and The English Tradition by Ian Robinson

by William Provost

on Principles of Architectural History: The Four Phases of Architectural Style, 1420-1900 by Paul Frankl, James F. O’Gorman, James S. Ackerman

by Edward R. DeZurko

on Proteus: His Lies, His Truth by Robert M. Adams; &The Astonishment of Words by Victor Proetz

by Larry H. Peer

on Puritanism in Tudor England by H. C. Porter

by George B. Martin

on Selected Prose, 1909-1965 by Ezra Pound, William Cookson; New Approaches to Ezra Pound by Eva Hesse; & A ZBC of Ezra Pound by Christine Brooke-Rose

by Vincent Miller

on Some Versions of the Fall: The Myth of the Fall of Man in English Literature by Eric Smith

by Robert H. West

on Surrealism and Spain, 1920-1936 by C. B. Morris

by Anna Balakian

on Temporary Kings by Anthony Powell

by Lillian Stanton

on The Classic British Novel by Howard M. Harper, Jr., Charles Edge; & The English Novel in the Nineteenth Century: Essays on the Literary Mediation of Human Values by George Goodin

by Mary Baine

on The Classical Style: Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven by Charles Rosen

by Edward R. Reilly

on The Exposure of Luxury: Radical Themes in Thackeray by Barbara Hardy; & Thackeray: The Major Novels by Juliet McMaster

by Michael Greene

on The Sociology of Literature by Diana T. Laurenson, Alan Swingewood

by L. B. Cebik

on The Stream of Consciousness and Beyond in Ulysses by Erwin R. Steinberg

by Robert L. Harrison


Summer 1974