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The Georgia Review Summer 1975

Table of Contents


Coleridge and the Ancestral Voices

by Leslie Brisman

Schoenberg and Atonality

by Charles Rosen

The Fabric of Vision: The Role of Drapery in Art

by Anne Hollander

The Narrative Structure of “Absalom, Absalom!”

by Cleanth Brooks

The Necessity of Misreading

by Harold Bloom

Letters to Action Central

by Robert H. Hinck, Jr.

Some Notes on Wiggins

by John Hazard Wildman

Let Us Call This the Hill of Sotatsu

by John Peck


by Michael Mott

Seven Days

by Mark Strand

Shame & Prisoner

by Frederick Morgan

The Presence

by John Haines

The Prisoner of Zenda

by Richard Wilbur

Flannery O’connor Country: A Photo Essay

by Barbara McKenzie

on A Map of Misreading by Harold Bloom

by Stuart Ende

on Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino, William Weaver

by Guy Davenport

on Roll, Jordan, Roll: The World the Slaves Made by Eugene D. Genovese

by F. N. Boney

on Sphere: The Form of a Motion by A. R. Ammons

by Jerome Mazzaro

on The End of Intelligent Writing: Literary Politics in America by Richard Kostelanetz

by Robert Buffington


Summer 1975