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The Georgia Review Summer 1976

Table of Contents


Leopards in Connecticut

by Stanley Cavell

Nabokov’s Despair: Tinker to Evers to Chance

by Dabney Stuart

Narcissus in the Text

by John Brenkman

Stevens’ Rock and Criticism as Cure, II

by J. Hillis Miller

The Golden Fleece and the Voice of the Shuttle: Economy in Literary Theory

by Marc Shell

Death Sentence

by Maurice Blanchot & Lydia Davis

Inside Norman Mailer

by Max Apple

Beyond the Margin of My Eyes

by Robert Pack

Down; Breather; Datum; It is Said; Crumbs; & Ascending

by Donald Finkel

Green & By Way of a Supplement

by John Hollander

Madrid, 1974

by Mona Van Duyn

Piero di Cosimo, Iii: Venus and Mars

by Michael Mott

The Adulterers’ Letters

by Philip Dacey

The Phone Call

by Greg Kuzma

The Wives

by Richard Blessing

Tintypes and Archetypes

by Barbara McKenzie

on Partial Magic: The Novel as a Self-Conscious Genre by Robert Alter

by Ronald Schleifer

on Robert Frost: A Living Voice by Reginald Cook; & Letters of Hart Crane and His Family by Thomas S. W. Lewis

by Charles Edward Eaton

on Structuralism in Literature by Robert Scholes; & Structuralist Poetics by Jonathan Culler

by Paul R. Olson

on The Cartoon History of the American Revolution by Michael Wynn Jones; John Trumbull: Patriot-Artist of the American Revolution by Irma B. Jaffe; William Blake’s “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell” (facsimile) by Geoffrey Keynes; & William Blake’s “America” (facsimile) by G. E. Bentley, Jr.

by Ronald Paulson

on The Surface of Earth by Reynolds Price

by Richard A. Wertime


Summer 1976