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The Georgia Review Summer 1977

Table of Contents


A Touching Compulsion: Wordsworth and the Problem of Literary Representation

by Geoffrey H. Hartman

Hemingway’s Uncanny Beginnings

by David M. Wyatt

I Wonder What Mr. Santini Dreamed

by Eleanor Clark

Soundings for Home: Frost’s Poetry of Extravagance and Return

by Richard Poirier

The Interpreter’s Self: Peirce on the Cartesian “Subject”

by Walter Benn Michaels

Uriel’s Cloud: Emerson’s Rhetoric

by Barbara Packer

Vibratory Organism: Seeing Nature Whole

by Roger Shattuck & Charles Eastlake

Albert Speer—18 April 1945; Albert Speer—20 April 1945; & 2200 Hours

by W. D. Snodgrass

He Writes an Old Girlfriend and Asks Her to Have an Affair with Him

by Philip Dacey

It Is Dangerous to Be the Conductor

by Cynthia Macdonald

Relative Amnity

by Vassar Miller

Stone Carving: August & What Was Happening Later at Night

by John Hollander

The Colony & The Maple Works

by Lewis Turco

The Hero at Midnight & Above the Port

by Daniel Halpern

With the Remover to Remove

by Richard Howard

Flannery O’connor Country on Film

by Barbara McKenzie

A Feast of Snakes by Harry Crews; & The Year the Lights Came On by Terry Kay

by Guy Owen

Emblem and Expression: Meaning in English Art of the Eighteenth Century by Ronald Paulson; & The Art of Hogarth by Ronald Paulson

by John Dixon Hunt

Excursions: Selected Literary Essays by Robert Boyers

by Charles Molesworth

Figures of Capable Imagination by Harold Bloom

by Ann Wordsworth

Geography III by Elizabeth Bishop; & Reflections on Espionage by John Hollander

by Alfred Corn

on James Ensor by John David Farmer; & Johan Zoffany, 1733-1810 by Mary Webster

by Ronald Paulson

on Keats and the Sublime by Stuart A. Ende; & The Limits of Imagination: Wordsworth, Yeats, and Stevens by Helen Regueiro

by Frances Ferguson


Summer 1977