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The Georgia Review Summer 1978

Table of Contents


“Moonlight dries no mittens”: Carl Sandburg Reconsidered

by Daniel Hoffman

“Twin Obsessions”: The Poetry and Paintings of E. E. Cummings

by Rushworth M. Kidder

Contemporary Poetry and the Metaphors for the Poem

by Charles Molesworth

Grecian Thoughts in the Home Fields: Reflections on Southern Poetry

by Christopher Clausen

Poem, Dream, and the Consuming of Culture

by Karl Kroeber

Shamanism Toward Confessionalism: James Dickey, Poet

by Linda Mizejewski

The Ballad and the Brain

by Mark W. Booth

College Life

by A. B. Paulson

Family Album

by Siv Cedering Fox

Singing Birds, Noiseless Trees

by Jane Mayhall

An Ode

by William Logan

Any Night & Last Song of the Angel of Bad Luck

by Philip Levine


by Alison Golembiewski

Barn Fire

by Jean Morgan


by Philip Booth


by Bin Ramke

Evening Hour

by Robert Penn Warren

Great Expectations: A Short Story

by Walter McDonald

He Goes Around His World

by Gerald W. Barrax

Moon on a Pasture near Ortonville & Women We Never See Again

by Robert Bly

Oblique Man, Essential Text

by Alex Stevens

Old Folks Home

by Lucien Stryk

Prologue to a Longer Story

by Wayne Dodd

The Wheel

by Wendell Berry

on Blake Books: Annotated Catalogues of William Blake’s Writings by G. E. Bentley, Jr.; Blake As An Artist by David Bindman; The Complete Graphic Works of William Blake by David Bindman; William Blake by Martin Butlin; William Blake: A New Kind of Man by Michael Davis; William Blake: The Seer and His Visions by Milton Klonsky; Blake’s Composite Art: A Study of the Illustrated Poetry by W. J. T. Mitchell; & William Blake by Morton D. Paley

by Ronald Paulson

on The Adventures of Conan Doyle: The Life of the Creator of Sherlock Holmes by Charles Higham; Bloodhounds of Heaven: The Detective in English Fiction from Godwin to Doyle by Ian Ousby; & The Dangerous Edge by Gavin Lanbert

by John Hollow

on A Voice in the Mountain by Peter Davison; Cicada by John Haines; & China Trace by Charles Wright

by Peter Stitt

on Caught in the Web of Words: James Murray and the Oxford English Dictionary by K. M. Elisabeth Murray

by W. Kruck

on Dylan Thomas by Paul Ferris

by Jacob Korg

on John Gould Fletcher and Imagism by Edmund S. de Chasca

by Norman T. Gates

on The Collected Poems of Stevie Smith; & The Hugh MacDiarmid Anthology: Poems in Scots and English by Michael Grieve, Alexander Scott

by Stephen Tapscott

on Toward a Patriarchal Republic: The Secession of Georgia by Michael P. Johnson

by Bell Irvin Wiley

on Unassigned Frequencies: American Poetry in Review, 1964-77 by Laurence Lieberman; Escape from the Self: A Study in Contemporary American Poetry and Poetics by Karl Malkoff; & Modern American Lyric: Lowell, Berryman, Creeley, and Plath by Arthur Oberg

by Charles Molesworth


Summer 1978