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The Georgia Review Summer 1981

Table of Contents


“Waldo Emerson”: Preface to a Biography

by Gay Wilson Allen

American Autobiography: The Western Tradition

by Arnold Krupat

Another Biography? For God’s Sake, Why?

by David D. Anderson

Memory, Desire, and the Need for Biography: The Case of Emily Dickinson

by Jonathan Morse

Roland Barthes, Autobiography, and the End of Writing

by J. Gerald Kennedy

Voices from the Veil: Black American Autobiography

by Gordon O. Taylor

Lovely Things That Should Not Pass Away

by Jack Matthews

Parker “Lacrimans”

by Gordon Weaver

A Short History of Barbed Wire

by John Biguenet

April Fool

by Siv Cedering


by William Matthews


by Jorie Graham

Lives in One Lifetime

by Nancy Simpson

Of Butterflies

by Wayne Dodd

On Your Astonishment

by Jane P. Moreland


by Gardner McFall

Song Beginning in Summer

by Jeffrey Skinner

Songs and Sonnets

by John Hollander


by Lisel Mueller

The Art of the Circle

by Bob Kaven

The Gardens

by Mary Oliver

The Name of God Is Simple

by Jeanine Hathaway

To Welcome Us Back

by Patrick Milliken

Trying to Separate

by Robert Pack

What the Trees Suffer

by L. M. Rosenberg

Before the Waters Come: Photographs

by Dennis O'Kain

Walter Lippmann and the American Century by Ronald Steel

by Thomas J. Hamilton

Autobiography: Act or Artifact?(on Autobiography: Essays Theoretical and Critical by James Olney;The Art of Life: Studies in American Autobiographical Literature by Mutlu Konuk Blasing; American Autobiography: The Prophetic Mode by G. Thomas Couser; The Forms of Autobiography: Episodes in the History of a Literary Genre by William C. Spengemann;& Autobiographical Acts: The Changing Situation of a Literary Genre by Elizabeth Bruss)

by Gay Wilson Allen

on Henry Adams by R. P. Blackmur, Veronica A. Makowsky

by Tom Woolf

on Introducing David Jones by John Matthias

by Thomas Dilworth

on Letters to Christopher: Stephen Spender’s Letters to Christopher Isherwood, 1929-1939 by Lee Bartlett

by Stephen Corey

on The Art of Maurice Sendak by Selma G. Lanes

by Gerald Weales

on Unsettling Europe by Jane Kramer

by Pepe Karmel

Walter Abish and the Surfaces of Life (on How German Is It by Walter Abish)

by Jerome Klinkowitz


Summer 1981