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The Georgia Review Summer 1983

Table of Contents


How to Die

by Richard Watson

Is Literature Always Reactionary?

by Virgil Nemoianu

John Gardner: Writer and Teacher

by Raymond Carver

Selfhood, Language, and Reality: George Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four”

by Lillian Feder

The MacGregor Syndrome and Other Literary Losses

by Arno Karlen

The Orbiting Self: Reentry Problems of the Transcending Self, or Why it is that Artists and Writers, Some Technologists, and indeed Most People have so much Trouble Living in the Ordinary World

by Walker Percy

Robert Louis Stevenson Banks, a.k.a. Chimley

by Ernest J. Gaines

The World Is A Bed

by Donald Hall


by David St. John

50 on 50

by Peter Meinke

A Garden

by Molly Peacock

Caravat’s Salvage: Richmond, Virginia

by Dave Smith

Carrying On

by Leonard Nathan

Dance Script with Electric Ballerina

by Alice Fulton


by Jay Meek

Los Adulteros

by James Nolan


by Dennis Trudell

Muted Music

by Robert Penn Warren


by John Engels

Simple Rituals

by Dyan Sublett

The Art of Doylestown

by Carl Dennis

The Crab Pickers

by Groff David

The Mythology of Guns

by Carolyne Wright


by Mark A. R. Facknitz

Water Lilies, White Violets

by M.L. Rosenthal

Word Images

by Ronald F. Arnholm

“Words, Book Words, What Are You?” (on Long Walks in the Afternoon by Margaret Gibson; The Kingfisher by Amy Clampitt; One Long Poem by William Harmon; Second Sight by Jonathan Aaron; Country Music: Selected Early Poems by Charles Wright)

by Peter Stitt

Afro-American—Modernist—Classic: Ralph Ellison and His Critics (on Invisible Man, Thirtieth Anniversary Edition by Ralph Ellison; The Craft of Ralph Ellison by Robert G. O’Meally;& Dedalus in Harlem: The Joyce-Ellison Connection by Robert N. List)

by Alan Nadel

John Gardner and the Emancipation of Genres (on Mickelsson’s Ghosts by John Gardner)

by Robert Daly

on Black Novelists and the Southern Literary Tradition by Ladell Payne

by Richard Yarborough

on Freud and Man’s Soul by Bruno Bettelheim

by Alfie Kohn

on The Hound & Horn Letters by Mitzi Berger Hamovitch

by Gerald Weales

on The Life of the Poet: Beginning and Ending Poetic Careers by Lawrence Lipking

by Herbert J. Levine

on Thomas Hardy: A Biography by Michael Millgate

by Edward Guiliano

Pilgrimage to Auden Country (on Early Auden by Edward Mendelson; & W. H. Auden: A Biography by Humphrey Carpenter)

by Stephen Corey


Summer 1983