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The Georgia Review Summer 1986

Table of Contents


A Tree, A Streamlined Fish, and a Self-Squared Dragon: Science as a Form of Culture

by O. B. Hardison Jr.

Degeneration: The Explanatory Nightmare

by R. B. Kershner

A Prologue to the “Georgics”

by Fred Chappell


by William Matthews

Distance & Taking Both Sides

by Carl Dennis

Picnicking on the Indian Grounds

by Paul Rice

Snapping Turtle

by Mary Oliver

Tennyson Under the Yews

by Michelle Boisseau

The Need for Shoes

by Molly Bendall

Tracks in the Sand

by William Stafford

What Can Be United

by Charlie Smith

Whistle Maker & The Palace at 4 A.M.

by Robert J. Levy

Listening to Emerson (on Emerson’s Demanding Optimism by Gertrude Reif Hughes & Emerson’s Romantic Style by Julie Ellison)

by Wai-chee Dimock

on Ezra Pound and Dorothy Shakespear: Their Letters, 1909-1914 by Omar Pound and A. Walton Litz

by J. T. Barbarese

on Fictions in Autobiography: Studies in the Art of Self-Invention by Paul John Eakin

by Timothy Dow Adams

on Passing Through: A Fiction by Leon V. Driskell; Loving Belle Starr by Robert Taylor, Jr.

by Edward Morin

on The Periodic Table by Primo Levi and Raymond Rosenthal

by Bruce Clarke

on The Philosopher’s Diet: How to Lose Weight and Change the World by Richard Watson

by Stephen Corey

on Toward the End: Closure and Structure in the American Short Story by John Gerlach

by Jacqueline Eis

on Transparent Landscapes by Alane Rollings & Keeping Still, Mountain by John Engman

by Tony Hoagland

Poetry Chapbooks: Back to the Basics (on Summer Sleep by David Baker; Woman Speaking inside Film Noir by Gillian Conoley; Central States by Michael Heffernan; Shore Guide to Flocking Names by Robert Huff; The Fish Catcher by Pat Matsueda; Carolina Shout! by Shelby Stephenson; & The Armies, Vast and Abstract, Will Appear by Jet Wimp)

by Jared Carter

Staying at Home and Going Away (on The Long Approach by Maxine Kumin; A Fraction of Darkness by Linda Pastan; The Unborn by Rodney Jones; Selected Poems 1963-1983 by Charles Simic; & The Springhouse by Norman Dubie)

by Peter Stitt

The New Ulysses (on Ulysses: A Critical and Synoptic Edition. 3 volumes by James Joyce and Hans Walter Gabler)

by Richard Ellmann


Summer 1986


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