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The Georgia Review Summer 1988

Table of Contents


Guns and Boyhood in America

by Jonathan Holden

How to Draw

by Bernard Cooper

Monumental Kitsch: Borglum’s Mt. Rushmore

by Scott L. Montgomery

The Fabulous Presumption of Disney World: Magic Kingdom in the Wilderness

by John Schultz

The Movies as Monster: Seeing in “King Kong”

by J. P. Telotte

What Is Literature Good For?

by John P. Sisk

Ned Jumper

by Tom Russell


by Rodney Jones

Family Tree

by Barri Armitage

Matisse’s Tablecloth

by David R. Slavitt


by Edward Locke

Ode on the Unsung; Goose’s Jack: Over the Hill?; Last I Remember: 1973; & Manichean Middle Game

by J. Allyn Rosser

The Candyman

by Jonathan Holden

The Feel of Things

by Tom Rhea

The Great Piece of Turf & Horse and Tree

by Rita Dove

The Presence of the Lute

by Jacqueline Osherow

There Is Constant Movement in My Head

by B. H. Fairchild

Literary History in an Indeterminate Age (on Columbia Literary History of the United States by Emory Elliott)

by Sanford Pinsker

Mystery and Mannerisms (on In the Music Library by Ellen Hunnicutt; Man’s Work by John Connelly; Acts of Love by James McKinley; & Emperor of the Air by Ethan Canin)

by Greg Johnson

on In Hawthorne’s Shadow: American Romance from Melville to Mailer by Samuel Chase Coale

by Michael Kobre

on Joyce’s Anatomy of Culture by Cheryl Herr

by R. B. Kershner

on Magic Shows by David Graham

by Eric Nelson

on St. John de Crèvecoeur: The Life of an American Farmer by Gay Wilson Allen and Roger Asselineau

by Bill Butts

on The Paradise of Bombs by Scott Russell Sanders

by Jacqueline Eis

Speaking Passions (on An Oregon Message by William Stafford; To the Quick by Heather McHugh; Shades by Heather McHugh; The Imperfect Paradise by Linda Pastan; To the Place of Trumpets by Brigit Pegeen Kelly; & Rose by Li-Young Lee)

by Judith Kitchen


Summer 1988